July 22, 2021

Sutapa Mukerjee

  • Poppypura

    Two villages in UP's Barabanki district openly produce heroin. The cops appear to be in a daze.

  • 'Father Just Has BP Problems'
    'Father Just Has BP Problems'

    Elder son and heir apparent Sushanto Roy on his father's health, his responsibilities within Sahara, and the...

  • Stoop To Conquer
    Stoop To Conquer

    The party is crying foul in Jharkhand. But take a look at its own dismal record.

  • Hour Of Janus, Part II
    Hour Of Janus, Part II

    Outlook's exposé on Vajpayee's December 5 speech results in an application to summon the ex-PM before the...

  • Hour Of Janus
    Hour Of Janus

    Vajpayee's speech a day before the Babri demolition smacks of his complicity. Exclusive video clips: 1, 2,

  • The Trek Only Starts At Amethi
    The Trek Only Starts At Amethi

  • Just Like Sci-Fi
    Just Like Sci-Fi

    Saifai, Mulayam's one-horse hometown, seems to be the capital of UP's development schemes

  • Half Crescent
    Half Crescent

    The new Muslim face is now showing. It is rooted, yet modern, and looking for a decent life.

  • Looms Of Doom
    Looms Of Doom

    A foreign fabric has silenced the looms of the local weavers, reduced them to poverty and killed an art

  • Lateral Thinking
    Lateral Thinking

    Joshi presented a classic management 'problem'. Will the IIMs be better for it?

  • The Gates Of Hades Flung Open
    The Gates Of Hades Flung Open

    Giving children of sex workers a new life requires guts. Here is someone willing to fight for it.

  • Cold Slither, Warm Embrace
    Cold Slither, Warm Embrace

    He lives with snakes and scorpions. Spreading awareness about reptiles is his mission

  • Murder She Wrote
    Murder She Wrote

    Politics, sex and enmity beget another high-profile UP murder. Is Lucknow the capital of political crime?

  • Awadh At War
    Awadh At War

    Lucknow Shias retaliate against the defiling of religious sites in Iraq

  • Mind Of A Worried Man
    Mind Of A Worried Man

    Vajpayee has been making some unsure moves. What's eating him? Updates

  • "I've A Special Bond With The People Here"

    On his first day of campaigning in Amethi, he came out of his shell and spoke to Sutapa Mukerjee. Excerpts:

  • Sibling Revelry
    Sibling Revelry

    Sonia's children charmed the Amethi-Rae Bareli crowds, rekindling hope that they might contest

  • The Duplex Village
    The Duplex Village

    There are 40 identical twins in an 800-strong hamlet in Uttar Pradesh. Scientists are trying to find out why.

  • The Truth, Not Out!
    The Truth, Not Out!

    Something about the Abhijit Kale affair doesn't make sense. Is he a victim? Updates

  • Storm Troopers
    Storm Troopers

    Protests, arrests and rallies. VHP spoils for a fight. And an uneasy calm prevails Updates

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