June 19, 2021
Surjit S. Bhalla

Surjit S. Bhalla

  • Good News In Guna
    Good News In Guna

    The economy is being transformed: tax compliance has improved tremendously, inflation rate is well contained...

  • Who Needs Quotas?
    Who Needs Quotas?

    How can one get into college without passing school? The one social group that needs affirmative action (not...

  • Less Than A Grain Of Truth
    Less Than A Grain Of Truth

    Journalists are privileged in having the power to communicate ideas and influence policy. They should not...

  • What If We Had Embraced America?
    What If We Had Embraced America?

    Try as I might, I can't think how India would have lost on any dimension if it had taken the right turn in...

  • Small Savings, Big Rates
    Small Savings, Big Rates

    The author is president, Oxus Investments. His latest book is 'Imagine There's no Country'.

  • Why America Is All That's Left (To Bash)
    Why America Is All That's Left (To Bash)

    For the rebels with mixed-up causes, it's open season on America, says Surjit S. Bhalla

  • Has Poverty Declined?
    Has Poverty Declined?

    Yes, if the statisticians desist from using different sets of figures to argue otherwise

  • Here Was A Caesar
    Here Was A Caesar

    Not only the greatest cricketer ever, he was the century's greatest sportsman

  • Smudges On A Scorecard
    Smudges On A Scorecard

    Fixing is here all right. But here’s a method that can quantify the amount of dirt in the game.

  • End Of Economy Blues
    End Of Economy Blues

    Doomsayers could be proved wrong again because a more "correct" economic policy is now in place.

  • Bullish On The Real Thing
    Bullish On The Real Thing

    CricketX says Sachin is not on top in Tests or one-dayers. Together he is. So buy.

  • Bold Budget Or Bust
    Bold Budget Or Bust

    Expect a strong pro-reform budget; the BJP has nothing to lose

  • Dream Budget, Hard Reality
    Dream Budget, Hard Reality

    Sound monetary and exchange policy is crucial to growth

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