May 07, 2021

Supreme Court

  • 1993 Bombay Blast Judgments
    1993 Bombay Blast Judgments

    The other five parts of the judgement about appeals relating to death sentence, life sentence, appeals filed...

  • 'Grounds Must Be Distinguished From Opinion'
    'Grounds Must Be Distinguished From Opinion'

    The Supreme Court, finally, lifts its stay on the Bombay High Court order quashing the Maharashtra government...

  • 'Need To Tolerate Unpopular Views'
    'Need To Tolerate Unpopular Views'

    'Notions of social morality are inherently subjective and the criminal law cannot be used as a means to...

  • 'The Interest Of Justice...'
    'The Interest Of Justice...'

    '...requires that the [Shankaracharya] trial may be transferred to a place outside the State of Tamil Nadu,'...

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