July 24, 2021

Sundeep Dougal

Sundeep Dougal is Editor, Outlook group websites

  • 2014: A-Z
    2014: A-Z

    Neologisms, or words that acquired a buzz or merely some that were in the news or caught our eye, or just got...

  • A Whole New Alphabet
    A Whole New Alphabet

    The vocabulary this election brought into currency. Presenting, an A-Z.

  • ‘Crucial Evidence Has Fallen Through The Cracks’
    ‘Crucial Evidence Has Fallen Through The Cracks’

    The co-author of When a Tree Shook Delhi: The 1984 Carnage and its Aftermath on his upcoming book The Fiction...

  • A-Z

    Neologisms, or those that acquired a buzz

  • Manmohan’s Moral Meter
    Manmohan’s Moral Meter

    Past instances when Manmohan’s stand has not squared with his reputation for honesty

  • Blockers Anonymous
    Blockers Anonymous

    DoT's leaked blocking orders raise unanswered questions about clandestine censorship

  • 55 More Facebook URLs DoT Wants Blocked
    55 More Facebook URLs DoT Wants Blocked

    It was not just 73 URLs relating to stories about IIPM that the DoT wanted blocked. But also others about...

  • Blocking Outlook Blogs
    Blocking Outlook Blogs

    Following its usual opaque routine, DoT issues orders to block 78 URLs, 73 of them with IIPM content —but ...

  • 'Greed Connects The Two Books'
    'Greed Connects The Two Books'

    'I myself found it difficult to believe that the same person had written both of them!' says former Outlook...

  • “Dear Rahul, Why So Mum...”
    “Dear Rahul, Why So Mum...”

    25 questions Rahul Gandhi needs to answer

  • Dear Narendrabhai, Could You Please...
    Dear Narendrabhai, Could You Please...

    ...answer some questions?

  • The Lokpal Debate
    The Lokpal Debate

    Why is well-known Gandhian activist Anna Hazare on fast? What is the controversy over the Lokpal Bill?

  • "It Is Better to have A. Raja In The Telecom Ministry. He Will Behave Himself. Trust Me, He Will Behave Himself"

    Outlook magazine has unearthed 800 new tapped conversations involving the lobbyist Niira Radia in the 2G...

  • 'Conspiracy Of Silence'
    'Conspiracy Of Silence'

    One of the authors of the controversial PCI report that was sought to be scuttled says he is "not surprised...

  • Vande Mataram: FAQ
    Vande Mataram: FAQ

    So what is the current controversy about Vande Mataram? What is this about September 7, 2005 being chosen to...

  • What Remained Unsaid
    What Remained Unsaid

    So is it time to let out whoops of unrestrained, unmitigated joy and jubilation at DoT's latest statement...

  • No Profit, Only Loss
    No Profit, Only Loss

    So Sonia Gandhi made a virtue out of necessity and has, as the Congress website have us believe, taken the...

  • Off With His Head!
    Off With His Head!

    And now it is competitive politics in UP - with a hitherto unheard of UP minister publicly offering an award...

  • Resign Now!
    Resign Now!

    'Whatever the Supreme Court says, the country has to accept it. The Supreme Court has got the authority. We...

  • Taint On The Saint
    Taint On The Saint

    Heard the latest? 'Rumours abound of a conspiracy to taint Sonia; the Volcker report, the Amar Singh tapes...

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