May 13, 2021

Sujata Anandan

  • Param Bir Chakra
    Param Bir Chakra

    An explosives-laden SUV, an even more explosive letter. The unfolding drama is threatening to blow away the...

  • A Cat Riding The Roaring Tiger
    A Cat Riding The Roaring Tiger

    Most BJP leaders took Uddhav Thackeray for granted but the Sena leader is no longer willing to play second...

  • The Justices Of Class
    The Justices Of Class

    Meant to be the poor man's weapon, the PIL now serves the rich - and many judges and lawyers are up in arms.

  • Divest Of Direction
    Divest Of Direction

    Unmet targets and dithering on sell-offs put a question mark on go vernment's intent on disinvestment

  • Leaving An Old Haven
    Leaving An Old Haven

    Mumbai is no longer the main conduit for Dawood's drug trade

  • Hindutva Unlearnt
    Hindutva Unlearnt

    The saffron brigade's month-long door-to-door campaign is rebuffed in its own bastion

  • Politics By Wrote
    Politics By Wrote

    If there is one block that our politicians don't have, it's the one that usually plagues writers

  • Season Of Bad Blood
    Season Of Bad Blood

    The RSS' minority-baiting is a double-edged sword-coerce minorities and blackmail the BJP

  • Thackeray's G-Strings
    Thackeray's G-Strings

    Never has been the Sena chief's invective so well-honed, and it's taken the BJP aback

  • The Little Big Men
    The Little Big Men

    Mumbai's underworld turf war spills over to East Asia but expect local tremors too

  • Splitting A Molecule
    Splitting A Molecule

    Dissent on the separate state begins within the Congress itself

  • Practice Makes Profit
    Practice Makes Profit

    That seems the philosophy of most corporate hospitals, with little accountability and even less regulation

  • Emperor Of Note
    Emperor Of Note

    Bhimsen Joshi continues to enrich Hindustani classical tradition

  • A Pall At The Mall
    A Pall At The Mall

    Shopping arcade Crossroads draws flak for its new entry policy

  • Rob X To Pay Y
    Rob X To Pay Y

    States allege that the new revenue sharing formula penalises prudence while rewarding profligacy

  • To Be Continued...
    To Be Continued...

    The Shiv Sena's moment of triumph may be short-lived as its leaders could come under fire again

  • Signs Of Mortality
    Signs Of Mortality

    Maybe only an old protege could have done it - taming Thackeray when he was most vulnerable

  • Now, Mcfuel
    Now, Mcfuel

    Under a new deal, customers can look to fill their gas tanks and stomachs at the same place

  • Darker Shades Of Grey
    Darker Shades Of Grey

    Discord is the ruling flavour as the old guard instals puppets

  • Rise & Fall Of Mr A
    Rise & Fall Of Mr A

    It takes one to know one. Cronje's revelation about Azharuddin chimes with the findings in India. Now for the...

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