July 30, 2021
Srinath Raghavan

Srinath Raghavan

  • The Indian Jungle Book
    The Indian Jungle Book

    How the Indian Army got battle ready to face the apparently-invincible Japanese forces in the summer of 1942.

  • The War We Forget
    The War We Forget

    Posterity might have neglected the Indo-Pak war of 1965. But it was significant, and must be understood in...

  • To Stand Apart Still
    To Stand Apart Still

    Non-alignment retains its usefulness in the flexibility it affords

  • Better Tomorrow
    Better Tomorrow

    Manmohan’s foreign policy will be credited for its conceptual progress

  • Your Son, From A Trench In Flanders
    Your Son, From A Trench In Flanders

    Soldiers’ letters bore the taste of cordite and a complex smell of fears, expectations

  • The Jammu Muslim...
    The Jammu Muslim...

    A creature caught between the Valley Muslims and Jammu Hindus

  • No Aam Aadmi Man
    No Aam Aadmi Man

    Sadder still is the ex-chief’s attempt to besmirch the institution he led not so long ago.

  • Beyond Victimology
    Beyond Victimology

    Nehru and Menon’s assessment of China was not quite the ‘Himalayan blunder’ it was made out to be

  • Old McMahon Had A Line
    Old McMahon Had A Line

    Lintner straightens the tangled skein of the Northeast’s many rebellions, but overcooks India-China...

  • A Declassed Detachment
    A Declassed Detachment

    It’s time the army restructured itself to mirror the changes in Indian society

  • NonAlignment 2.0
    NonAlignment 2.0

    A foreign and strategic policy for India in the twenty first century

  • Hazy Trail To Dacca
    Hazy Trail To Dacca

    Some basic, erroneous ideas about the ’71 Indo-Pak war need to be deflated

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