June 16, 2021

Soutik Biswas

  • "Why Is It Hard To Get Pain Control Pills In India?"

    Economic progress happens when you give young people freedom. When they follow opportunity, there is no plan...

  • Calcutta Diary
    Calcutta Diary

    Is Calcutta really the city of “lost causes”, as novelist Amitav Ghosh labelled it recently? It is...

  • We Don't Need No Lecture
    We Don't Need No Lecture

    The Left has always been brutal. Worse, its young cadre is uber-hip too.

  • Nobody Listens
    Nobody Listens

  • Like Peace In A Pod
    Like Peace In A Pod

    After years of war, Afghans go to elect a president. Will this thirst for democracy conquer the warlords?

  • ET, Give Me A Tinkle!
    ET, Give Me A Tinkle!

    India is well placed to do some serious cosmic pow-wow—both geographically and, hmm, culturally

  • Harry Is Hipnotic
    Harry Is Hipnotic

    There's something about Harry. The global phenomenon washes up on Indian shores, with that magical hold over...

  • 'Everest Is Not As Big A Challenge As It Was 50 Years Ago'
    'Everest Is Not As Big A Challenge As It Was 50 Years Ago'

    Though he admits to altitude sickness these days, age hasn't dimmed the Kiwi...

  • Eves Do It Too
    Eves Do It Too

    It's not just Adam for Madam. The Indian woman storms another male bastion as she seeks sex—and...

  • Poona Expressway Town
    Poona Expressway Town

    Delhi is jaded, Mumbai hyperventilating. So head for Pune, the place that's arrived.

  • Exodus

    The jamboree that was the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas only shows up that swadeshi be damned, videsh is where...

  • 'India In Many Ways Is My First Home'
    'India In Many Ways Is My First Home'

    The Hollywood star on his unstarry avatar -- lobbying for human rights and self-determination for Tibetans.

  • Opera Electronique
    Opera Electronique

    The Escorts Heart Institute leads the way again with Asia's first robot-assisted coronary artery bypass

  • Sheepish Trysts
    Sheepish Trysts

  • Analyse This
    Analyse This

    There's nothing new about the mob romancing the film industry. It's happened wherever there's been organised...

  • A Faith Besieged
    A Faith Besieged

    The siege is from within. A way of life has been seized upon as a means to political power and a religion...

  • Masochic

    'Devdas' fails to excite critics at Cannes, will it sell in India?

  • Tall, Dark, And Can Cook!
    Tall, Dark, And Can Cook!

    Vacuum cleaners and home delivery systems have made the role-reversal easy. Times they are a-changing, and so...

  • A Year Later...
    A Year Later...

    Lane of death: A headless idol in Anjar marks the spot where a whole R-Day convoy of schoolchildren went under

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence

    A spotty and slightly self-indulgent tribute with some stunning moments.

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