June 22, 2021

Sohail Hashmi

  • Hagia Sophia Diary
    Hagia Sophia Diary

    In Outlook this week, a diary on Hagia Sophia

  • Life And Its Suburbs
    Life And Its Suburbs

    In Chughtai’s memoirs words come pell-mell, out of her consciousness. Her demanding prose is translated...

  • The Discreet Poison Of <i>Aamir</i>
    The Discreet Poison Of Aamir

    The author of this piece about a film released in June 2008, that had left him very upset and...

  • 'Terrorism Of The Mob'
    'Terrorism Of The Mob'

    'We condemn the terrorism of the mob just as strongly as we condemn the terrorism of the bomb... Before...

  • Thrice Divided
    Thrice Divided

    It is a book to buy, read, keep and most importantly to gift to your children

  • Roman A Cleft
    Roman A Cleft

    Reads well in translation but those who’ve read the original will miss the typical colloquialisms and...

  • Rhythm, Interrupted
    Rhythm, Interrupted

    Admirable intention, laid to waste courtesy some appalling translation

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