April 02, 2020

Sidharth Bhatia

  • Never Mind The Sadhvi
    Never Mind The Sadhvi

    Bollywood was, and is a secular place, the Khans an enduring part

  • Pawns On The Board
    Pawns On The Board

    The BJP’s plan to restructure India is now well in place

  • Hit, But Don’t Run
    Hit, But Don’t Run

    AAP’s innovative strategies are a rage now, but what of the future?

  • The Inside-Outer
    The Inside-Outer

    Why won’t Rahul commit to the PM post? Is the back seat the best seat?

  • The Point Of Incision
    The Point Of Incision

    Prosecuting Nandy for what he said is patently wrong. to not challenge him would be folly too.

  • Give Us The Rope
    Give Us The Rope

    India is in protest mode, for tough laws and tough rulers. What if we get what we want?

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