July 29, 2021

Siddharth Varadarajan

  • A Year Of Living Aspirationally
    A Year Of Living Aspirationally

    Despite the upbeat feeling, things are seeming to stall. Modi’s one-man show and the mischief of saffron...

  • Inscribed In Cold-Hearted Ink
    Inscribed In Cold-Hearted Ink

    Indians knows it's the rare inquiry commission or SIT that ends up saying or finding something that brings...

  • NonAlignment 2.0
    NonAlignment 2.0

    A foreign and strategic policy for India in the twenty first century

  • History Of A Plurality
    History Of A Plurality

    The book attempts to fill in the backstory of Gujarat's history with no glib connections

  • What If Godhra Hadn't Happened?
    What If Godhra Hadn't Happened?

    Would Naroda Patiya have burned, would Ehsan Jafri have been killed, the Best Bakery been destroyed and...

  • Frontier Rugs
    Frontier Rugs

    Through the magical metaphor of carpets, Kremmer does a fine job of chronicling the decline of a once-fabled...

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