June 15, 2021

Shruti Ravindran

  • How To Eat Words
    How To Eat Words

    India sees an explosion in culinary writing: an epicure’s paradise awaits

  • Training At T-Point
    Training At T-Point

    Auto drivers, bus drivers, cabbies get a quick souse in good manners

  • Capital Mascara
    Capital Mascara

    Has the city lost its priorities in the rush for cosmetic nirvana?

  • Ether Music
    Ether Music

    Online classical lessons have restored the guru-shishya harmony across continents

  • Papier Marches
    Papier Marches

    Is the Republic Day parade conceptually too frozen in the ’50s?

  • Six Foot Song
    Six Foot Song

    The Sarus crane finds an unlikely haven—in western UP

  • Did You Dream In Colour?
    Did You Dream In Colour?

    Pale ghosts from India as it was a century ago; their preternaturalness further enhanced by their clear,...

  • See No Squalor
    See No Squalor

    Delhi draws a curtain on slums and beggars

  • My Own Little Louvre
    My Own Little Louvre

    Collectors are sharing their often idiosyncratic visions with others in private museums

  • Natural Highs
    Natural Highs

    Too many people equate organic food with patchouli-scented pot-smokers listening to Pete Seeger and talking...

  • Kings Of Xeroxia
    Kings Of Xeroxia

    Why are we still emulating colonial structures? Where are our starchitects?

  • Spotted: Lean Cat Rerun
    Spotted: Lean Cat Rerun

    Hunted out from Indian grasslands, the cheetah may tear across the landscape again

  • Life’s A Proscenium
    Life’s A Proscenium

    A school is turning dropouts into Kattaikuttu performers

  • Lounge Life
    Lounge Life

    If you like your coffee not doled out by a charmless chain store, and birdsong, not boybands, chirping in...

  • Berry Addictive
    Berry Addictive

    Judging from the feeding frenzy I was witness to, the “taste that launched a thousand parking tickets” is...

  • The Past Is Still Present
    The Past Is Still Present

    National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry got hooked on India on his first trip in 1978. He’s not been...

  • That’s What I Used To Do
    That’s What I Used To Do

    An exhibition by photographer Clare Arni freezes in frames trades dying in the onslaught of mechanised...

  • Virgin In The Woods
    Virgin In The Woods

    Fragile, mysterious, rare Indian orchids come under threat

  • Drunk On Dimsums
    Drunk On Dimsums

    Nothing about this year-old haute-Chinese restaurant suggests 'cheap', but they do do a mean value-for-money...

  • Writ In Electrons
    Writ In Electrons

    Will history be the poorer in this age of e-mail & Twitter?

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