March 29, 2020

Shreevatsa Nevatia

  • The Spine Is Intact
    The Spine Is Intact

    The army officer who has risen above odds and crippling injury

  • Cat’s Whiskers
    Cat’s Whiskers

    Calcutta wants to get a taste of Rahul Gandhi, and in Peter Cat, they have found a permanent address.

  • The Double Life Of Pandit G
    The Double Life Of Pandit G

    Migrant workers straddle two Indias—the rural and the urban. The Barjee-Calcutta symbiosis is one such...

  • Skewered Perspective
    Skewered Perspective

    If you are a discerning eater, your first order at this restaurant will probably be your last.

  • In Which Bheem Hits A Six
    In Which Bheem Hits A Six

    Mythology meets cartoons in an explosion that’s entertaining, edifying, commercial

  • Amplifier Of Excellence
    Amplifier Of Excellence

    This year’s civil services topper and 164 other Muslim bureaucrats owe it to this centre

  • Rolling The Joint
    Rolling The Joint

    The taste and prices are still the same—a friend described it as “Best of the life”.

  • Getting Crafty
    Getting Crafty

    Our crafts are being reborn in new forms as trendy, high-end products for a global market

  • Photos On The Wall
    Photos On The Wall

    Forty-four Uttar Pradesh families took the brunt of the Maoists’ vicious ambush

  • ‘The Games Were Given To Delhi, We’re All Dilli-Wallahs Now’
    ‘The Games Were Given To Delhi, We’re All Dilli-Wallahs Now’

    The Delhi CM is not having sleepless nights now, but laughs that she is certainly nervous

  • Capital Mascara
    Capital Mascara

    Has the city lost its priorities in the rush for cosmetic nirvana?

  • ‘The Real Recipient Of The Legacy Will Be Delhi’
    ‘The Real Recipient Of The Legacy Will Be Delhi’

    The Commonwealth Organising Committee chairperson hopes these will be the best-ever Commonwealth Games

  • Game For The Show
    Game For The Show

    Belying all sceptics, a slicker, smarter, better-connected New Delhi gets set to play CWG host

  • Kung Fu Biting
    Kung Fu Biting

    The walls are clad in Japanese-style pop art. The menu has funny faces. Chopsticks come with instructions on...

  • Piquant Punch
    Piquant Punch

    In the dark cyber alley, satirist gangs poke fun at the passing world

  • Some Like It Hot
    Some Like It Hot

    Climate man R.K. Pachauri’s debut novel is a randy ride

  • Kebabs Below Scratch
    Kebabs Below Scratch

    Deserves a carrot for bravery—if nothing else. The lamps here are ornate, the decor minimalist, and the...

  • Chelsea + Chhapra = Mastichak
    Chelsea + Chhapra = Mastichak

    What these girls from conservative Bihar are kicking out of shape is not just a football

  • Men Who Pause
    Men Who Pause

  • Why Chromosome
    Why Chromosome

    Snippets from an agony uncle to 5 under rated men

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