April 05, 2020

Shougat Dasgupta

  • Tireless World Watchers
    Tireless World Watchers

    A short story collection swims with those left behind or who opt out

  • The Higgs Boson Grand Jete
    The Higgs Boson Grand Jete

    A new programme at CERN lets artists and scientists perform a pas de deux

  • Tolkien, Q.E.D.?
    Tolkien, Q.E.D.?

    I found this crepuscular novel a chore to read. But that, some would say, is my shortcoming.

  • Nouvelle But Vague
    Nouvelle But Vague

    It's Abha Dawesar's best novel, but I was completely indifferent to it, enervated by its characters'...

  • Hollow Cast
    Hollow Cast

    The host nation hasn't cheered up. Their team is a bit unsure.

  • Amit Chaudhuri Sings
    Amit Chaudhuri Sings

    "I have nothing against people who do fusion," he says in the tone of a man who harbours a sizeable grudge...

  • The Chattering Potterati
    The Chattering Potterati

    Rowling's latest Potter tale is nothing to get manic about. Reading it is consumer choice.

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