May 14, 2021

Shobita Dhar

  • On A Blur And A Wheel
    On A Blur And A Wheel

    Alcohol-related road accidents have become a national malaise. How did we get here and where do we head for a...

  • Waist Goes South
    Waist Goes South

    Fashion escapes the painful present to past cultures, nature and fantasy

  • Ashish N. Soni
    Ashish N. Soni

    The minimalist fashion designer is conquering new grounds. A cellphone brand is his inspiration for the...

  • Six Stitches
    Six Stitches

    Calcutta's rich cultural tradition has raised a hot breed of designers

  • Hey, I Got A New Job
    Hey, I Got A New Job

    With the economic boom, niche jobs are bringing in the lucre

  • Kiran Uttam Ghosh
    Kiran Uttam Ghosh

    She's trimming the hemlines and gearing up for her debut at the upcoming Rome Fashion Week

  • Shubhanginiraje Gaekwad
    Shubhanginiraje Gaekwad

    The Maharani of Baroda on her bid to rescue MP's traditional weave, the Chanderi

  • A Whiff Of Vogue
    A Whiff Of Vogue

    Wasn't exactly Paris, though the influence was. Even so, the West liked what it saw on the Indian ramps this...

  • Romancing The Dress
    Romancing The Dress

    At the LFW and WIFW, the dress makes a comeback with a new twist to classic styles

  • E-Student + Virtual Patience = $10,000,000
    E-Student + Virtual Patience = $10,000,000

    Is there a Miss Grundy in you? Online tutoring is the new twist to BPO. Wake up at 5 am and teach a kid in...

  • Clotheshorse Stakes
    Clotheshorse Stakes

    In 2003, Outlook carried one of his creations on its cover, with the tagline: Who wears this? Today, the...

  • Prétty Picture
    Prétty Picture

    Indian fashion is in vogue in the West. Here's who's who and what's what.

  • Jagged Hemlines
    Jagged Hemlines

    It's slit down the middle. India's fash frat, that is — and designers have to choose which side they're on.

  • Everybody Says We're Fine
    Everybody Says We're Fine

    Women on the right, men on the left. A shave, trim, and style, all go together at the latest in fashion...

  • The Feminine Rupee
    The Feminine Rupee

    It's no mere vanity bag they carry these days. Top jobs have made women rich, infusing egalitarian gender...

  • Bunty & Babli, Tailfins Up
    Bunty & Babli, Tailfins Up

    Even the aisles are taken at cabin crew schools. But not every mofussil kid gets to play angel in the skies.

  • Lakshmi, Deluxe
    Lakshmi, Deluxe

    Diwali card parties now revel more in snobbery. And a knack to shield the illegality.

  • Medley Of Taste
    Medley Of Taste

    Chaat, pizza, coffee, biriyani—one roof fits all. Food courts are reshaping the business of eating out.

  • Copy Cataclysm
    Copy Cataclysm

    Where there's fashion, there's plagiarism. Trouble is, it's begun affecting designer bottomlines.

  • Ashish N. Soni
    Ashish N. Soni

    All set for the prestigious Olympus Fashion Week, New York. Here’s what it took to get there.

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