January 22, 2021

Shashi Deshpande

  • The Skylight
    The Skylight

    How one longs for translators who make us forget we are reading a translated text!

  • Going Concerns
    Going Concerns

    Uneven the collection may be, like collections invariably are, yet well worth reading for some excellent...

  • Fly Every Witch Way
    Fly Every Witch Way

    It is unfair to judge a first novel by what it has not, only right to look at what it has. This one reveals...

  • A Eureka Moment
    A Eureka Moment

    The novel is important because Desai has had the courage to move away from what could be considered her...

  • No Magic In These Seeds
    No Magic In These Seeds

    Banal, barren and narcissistic, Naipaul's new 'autonovel' is almost a 'self-parody'

  • English,s Inter Alia
    English,s Inter Alia

    Is it my writing that's rootless and lacks authenticity, or is it I? This is our home as it is yours; we did...

  • 'Paved The Ways'
    'Paved The Ways'

    Yes, Narayan did that by writing about ordinary men and women, by translating the Indian experience into...

  • 'Come Home Adit'
    'Come Home Adit'

    Extracts from Shashi Deshpande's book Small Remedies, shortlisted for the Crossword Book Award

  • Dog-eared Floppy Disks, Anyone?
    Dog-eared Floppy Disks, Anyone?

    When humankind opens a new door, it does not necessarily close all the others. All the medical triumphs of...

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