June 14, 2021

Sharmistha Gooptu

  • The First Superstar
    The First Superstar

    Before him there were great stars, and he has been followed by many, but none evoked the mass hysteria that...

  • Ray And The Bengali Cinema
    Ray And The Bengali Cinema

    How Satyajit Ray both drew upon and ultimately altered Bengali film practice

  • The 'All-India' Film
    The 'All-India' Film

    A definitive history of Bengali cinema presents an alternative understanding to the currently influential...

  • The Contract On Ahmedabad
    The Contract On Ahmedabad

    On the one hand we are, more than ever a vigilant and alert society; on the other, also, more than ever,...

  • The Dubai-Mumbai Connection
    The Dubai-Mumbai Connection

    No, we are not talking smuggling, but films. No, not controversies involving underworld finance of the Mumbai...

  • Immoral Mirrors
    Immoral Mirrors

    How comfortable can one be with the glorification of the project of 'development' and 'progress' mediated by...

  • Beyond Bollywood
    Beyond Bollywood

    'Bollywood' may have become India's best known brand, but there seems to be an increasing tendency to subsume...

  • Gandhigiri

    Bande Mein Thaa Dam (The guy had guts), Bandemataram! goes the opening line of a song saluting Mahatma Gandhi...

  • Our Film Crit Historians
    Our Film Crit Historians

    Heard any controversy on Mughal-e-Azam, the mother of all period films? Mumbai films sell, and, with...

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