June 17, 2021

Shantanu Guha Ray

  • Moscow On The Yamuna
    Moscow On The Yamuna

  • Chris Mcdonald
    Chris Mcdonald

    CEO, Ten Sports

  • Making News, Breaking News
    Making News, Breaking News

    The STAR-NDTV marriage is on the rocks, threatening to change the face of newsmaking in the subcontinent

  • Ram Gopal Verma
    Ram Gopal Verma

    On his new film Company

  • Pt Ravi Shankar
    Pt Ravi Shankar

    On his concert for World Peace

  • Let The Good Times Roll
    Let The Good Times Roll

    One year later, Balco workers are happy, production is on track, even Ajit Jogi's smiling

  • Second Avatar
    Second Avatar

    Reeling under lawsuits and near bankruptcy, ISKCON goes in for a less strident image

  • Drill's Over
    Drill's Over

    The APM dismantling may see 'somewhat' lower prices but it will be awhile before the whole mechanism is in...

  • Naghma

    On films, cricket, and her guest appearance in the Punjab poll campaign

  • Boys From Brazil
    Boys From Brazil

    The Samba-ists are a refreshing change, but don't hold your breath waiting for a rub-off on local lads

  • Well Ahead Now
    Well Ahead Now

    The IBP buy-out consolidates IOC's position in the petro sector

  • The Future Is A Picture Postcard
    The Future Is A Picture Postcard

    Snail mail apart, post offices soup up their functional repertoire

  • Sooted Up And Up To No Good
    Sooted Up And Up To No Good

    D Company has a new target, the rich coal mines of Bengal

  • On The Wrong Side Of 40
    On The Wrong Side Of 40

    Now there's one more reason to add to mid-life blues—a depressed market devouring job opportunities for...

  • Navin Jindal
    Navin Jindal

    The former vice-chairman of Jindal Group, on the SC order allowing Indians to hoist the national flag

  • For Grandson's Sake
    For Grandson's Sake

    China overlooks diplomatic tangles to eye India's vast market

  • The Consumer: Sop Opera
    The Consumer: Sop Opera

    He was king, finally. He bought one, got galores free. In the feast of choices laid before him by a Globus or...

  • Lan Sakes!
    Lan Sakes!

    Sensitive organisations prove easy meat for Pakistani hackers

  • Hypercarbon Prospects
    Hypercarbon Prospects

    India plans to create a single oil supermajor to face competition

  • Honour Restored
    Honour Restored

    There are lessons to be learnt from Michael Mascarenhas' troubles

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