October 18, 2020

Shahid Amin

  • A Riot Of Commemorating
    A Riot Of Commemorating

    The mutiny as seen through literature, folksong, missives and a canonical episode

  • A Hanging Twice Over...
    A Hanging Twice Over...

    Is what we'd do if we hang the story of 1857 by a single thread. The mutiny was a more multi-faceted event.

  • Signs Of The Times
    Signs Of The Times

    Where there is a larger--historic or poetic--point to be made, the rechristening of streets makes sense....

  • Footsoldier, Footnote
    Footsoldier, Footnote

    Right time, right place. It was 1857 that made Mangal Pandey, not the other way round.

  • History Of Archaeology
    History Of Archaeology

    Tells the story of the ASI as a grand official enterprise, and it is no drab institutional history...

  • What If There Were No Trucks At All?
    What If There Were No Trucks At All?

    Would we have remained the old-style, cart-dependent consumers that most of us were? Would we have remained...

  • Event, Metaphor, Memory
    Event, Metaphor, Memory

    A sober, analytical demonstration of the "various tellings" of the sack of Somnath

  • Nehru, Reinvented
    Nehru, Reinvented

    In this exceedingly well-informed, passionately conceived and elegantly written 'Nehru Charit', Tharoor has...

  • Vain Hero Isms
    Vain Hero Isms

    A multi-layered, sensitive account of the making of the heroic legend of Shivaji.

  • The Good Terrorist
    The Good Terrorist

    How does a balding mid-50s nation, besieged from within by a trident imperviousness to the laws of the land...

  • Gandhi, the Commodity
    Gandhi, the Commodity

    His deification wasn't as dramatic as the uses his name was put to

  • Lingual Battlefield
    Lingual Battlefield

    A disappointed enthusiast provides an impassioned, informed and intelligent polemic

  • Naipaul's Historical Baggage
    Naipaul's Historical Baggage

    An evocative account of travels in Islamic Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia marred by a deep-seated bias

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