May 14, 2021

Shabnam Minwalla

  • Book Excerpt: Murder At Daisy Apartments
    Book Excerpt: Murder At Daisy Apartments

    Shabnam Minwalla's 'Murder At Daisy Apartments' is an exciting murder mystery set in an apartment complex in...

  • Colaba Diary
    Colaba Diary

    It wasn’t a question of enduring the lockdown with Bombil Fry and Blueberry Shrikhand. Food became a way...

  • Srinagar Diary
    Srinagar Diary

    In this week's diary, author Shabnam Minwalla tells us her recent visit to Kashmir during Bookaroo Srinagar...

  • Pala Fala
    Pala Fala

    The food is definitely worth sampling. The problem is the location.

  • Grandmama’s Café
    Grandmama’s Café

    The place is packed, noisy and popular, and nobody seems to mind sipping their cold coffee as trucks trundle...

  • Thai Baan
    Thai Baan

    Resurrected but has lost none of its spicy magic.

  • French Creperie
    French Creperie

    The latest in the list of Pune's brave, yummy experiments

  • Holachef

    Works well for an affordable, nutritious meal

  • Eat, Pray, Live
    Eat, Pray, Live

    A hip, popular cafe at Kala Ghoda that seems to encapsulate all the trends du jour.

  • Bombay Vintage
    Bombay Vintage

    The menu appears baffling. It features burgers and Mangalorean curries, pizzas and biryanis.

  • Eat, Pray, Live
    Eat, Pray, Live

    The menu is greatly tilted in favour of non-vegetarians

  • The Reviews
    The Reviews

    The annual jamboree offers theatre, heritage walks and stand-up comedy.

  • Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen
    Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen

    It makes enormous, 20-inch pizzas that it divides into eight enormous slices. So each slice is a veritable...

  • The House Of Bao
    The House Of Bao

    It’s brave to create a whole menu around this sin­gle Chinese and Southeast Asian dish.

  • Wok Express
    Wok Express

    Mumbai’s version of sushi and sticky rice on the go.

  • Clones In The Age Of Meiji
    Clones In The Age Of Meiji

    The story has no real beginning or end, and moves forward in fits and starts.

  • Frittura Temptations
    Frittura Temptations

    Given the hype, the food disappoints.

  • Mumbai Diary
    Mumbai Diary

    Discovering Mumbai is a bit like eating an artichoke. It takes a lot of trial and error, chopping and...

  • A Fishy Bite Of A Bagel
    A Fishy Bite Of A Bagel

    A nice, if slightly expensive hangout for those who live nearby.

  • A Cubano Chachacha
    A Cubano Chachacha

    While the food is nice, the atmosphere is brilli­ant.

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