June 16, 2021

Seema Sirohi

  • Hillary Clinton: Love Her, Or Not
    Hillary Clinton: Love Her, Or Not

    One in five voters find the possibility of sending the first women to the White House a most attractive...

  • The Real Turbanator
    The Real Turbanator

    Deep Singh, Sikh superhero, takes on the Taliban and ignoramuses

  • Hillary For Everest
    Hillary For Everest

    As Hillary rests and evades, her political future raises a firestorm

  • We Got Herb
    We Got Herb

    Colorado’s marijuana legalisation ticks many boxes

  • Big Dog At The Plate
    Big Dog At The Plate

    Bill Clinton played a big hand in Obama’s late surge. Has it set up Hillary for 2016?

  • A Peculiar Relation
    A Peculiar Relation

    African-Americans debate what Obama did, or did not do, for them

  • Yes, We Too Can’t
    Yes, We Too Can’t

    Obama compromised too much, was too conciliatory and too easily browbeaten by the Tea Party leaders and their...

  • Setu On The Potomac
    Setu On The Potomac

    The Ramayana gets a very American makeover. Does the flavour survive the melting pot?

  • Basantotsav By The Potomac
    Basantotsav By The Potomac

    ‘Maximum India’ embraces Americans

  • Till Kingdom Come
    Till Kingdom Come

    Northeast emigre Jews are having to prove their credentials in Israel

  • The Karma Symphony In Judea
    The Karma Symphony In Judea

    With help from the Bhagavad Gita, an Indian composer tears down cross-cultural barriers

  • Exodus Revisited
    Exodus Revisited

    A diplomat’s wife traces the footsteps of Indian Jews in Israel

  • Pilgrim’s Repose
    Pilgrim’s Repose

    An ancient Indian link to the holy land stands firm amid all the turbulence

  • So Who's Throwing Stones Now?
    So Who's Throwing Stones Now?

    It is not the Palestinians wreaking havoc but bands of ultra-Orthodox Jews. An unusual sight to see groups of...

  • Museum Of Intolerance
    Museum Of Intolerance

    Miracles do happen in the Holy Land and one might be happening right now -- ultra Orthodox Jews have joined...

  • Obama Vs Netanyahu
    Obama Vs Netanyahu

    The battle has begun and if the first round was speeches, the second round might be pressure and the third...

  • In Palestinian Shoes
    In Palestinian Shoes

    Eager to attend the second Palestine Festival of Literature, I went to East Jerusalem last week with friends...

  • Tough Israel
    Tough Israel

    The past six months in Jerusalem have been an eye-opener. This column will give you impressions both personal...

  • Moshe's Saviour
    Moshe's Saviour

    The nanny who braved terror to save her ward meets life in Israel with poise

  • 'US Domestic Laws Define The Boundaries Of The N-Deal'
    'US Domestic Laws Define The Boundaries Of The N-Deal'

    As senior advisor to the US State Department, this Indian American strategist shepherded the deal in...

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