June 19, 2021

Savitri Choudhury

  • Child, Do You Take This Man... I Don't
    Child, Do You Take This Man... I Don't

    Too young to wed, these child brides are old enough—and brave enough—for divorce

  • High Speed Crash
    High Speed Crash

  • Kiran K. Sharma
    Kiran K. Sharma


  • Up The Anti
    Up The Anti

    After the resignation of six TRS ministers, what's their chief's next move? Updates

  • J. Gowrishankar
    J. Gowrishankar


  • Bio Suite
    Bio Suite

    Carry your bio : The TCS team has developed the Bio Suite, a 'versatile, portable bio informatics package'

  • Masala Sequel
    Masala Sequel

    Vijayashanti reinvents herself as a Telangana heroine

  • Waxing Crimson
    Waxing Crimson

    Police and politicians become targets of renewed Naxal ire after breakdown of talks

  • Dolly, The Tiger
    Dolly, The Tiger

    Do test-tube tigers and other cutting-edge biotech tools hold the key to saving endangered animals?

  • 'What Can I Say?'
    'What Can I Say?'

    Is all Azhar could come up with when he was shown a copy of the fax pages

  • They Don't Like This Eerie Glow
    They Don't Like This Eerie Glow

  • Serving It 
All Aces
    Serving It Up...It's All Aces

  • Visions Of Dakkhan
    Visions Of Dakkhan

    Locked and forgotten for 40 years, the Nizam's ex-wife restores the Asif Jahi Chowmahalla for Hyderabadis

  • A People Still At Sea
    A People Still At Sea

    Money, housing, relief material, tools of trade... governments and civil society pitch in to rehabilitate...

  • From The Spark To The Blaze
    From The Spark To The Blaze

    The two-year-old alternative publishing house is helping educate and sensitise children

  • Do It With Chillies
    Do It With Chillies

    A village shows the way to tackle pests with indigenous, non-chemical means

  • Will Action Speak Louder?
    Will Action Speak Louder?

  • The Firm's Follies
    The Firm's Follies

    Consultants McKinsey's prescriptions, many times, leave the patient crippled

  • Turf Turns Turtle
    Turf Turns Turtle

    'Political killings' rage on in an Andhra district as Congress wrests control

  • Half Crescent
    Half Crescent

    The new Muslim face is now showing. It is rooted, yet modern, and looking for a decent life.

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