July 26, 2021

Saumya Roy

  • Benares Diary
    Benares Diary

    Though our PM is known more for his fasting than his feasting, he has brought his star power to bear on...

  • Gangtok Diary
    Gangtok Diary

    Low or no income tax and tax rebates for industry have transformed once sleepy Gangtok into a college town...

  • The Beast Has Brains
    The Beast Has Brains

    Everyone's got a theory on the zooming Sensex. And if it has a mind of its own....

  • Bull On The Moon
    Bull On The Moon

    Profits are booming but the next quarter will determine the trends

  • 'Hard Assets Critical'
    'Hard Assets Critical'

    The management professor at Wharton, one of the leading experts on global M&AS, says the Tata-Corus deal...

  • Secret Of Crisp Notes
    Secret Of Crisp Notes

    Is the current bull run in India being driven by unaccounted wealth?

  • Between Temples And Night Clubs
    Between Temples And Night Clubs

    Thirteen years on, his wait for justice continues. Will the gods answer his prayers this time?

  • The Street Has The Edge
    The Street Has The Edge

    Markets are by now unaffected by terror's ways. But it extracts a long-term price.

  • Like A Yo-Yo
    Like A Yo-Yo

    Down one day, up the next. Will the Sensex settle down?

  • Those Fleeing Hoofprints
    Those Fleeing Hoofprints

    The bloodbath on Dalal Street has left many investors in the red. What is the moral of the India story?...

  • A Ghost Town Comes To Life
    A Ghost Town Comes To Life

    Shut for five years, Dabhol goes online again. But some old problems continue to haunt.

  • Meet The Parents
    Meet The Parents

    Teen marriages, migrant labour and cane factories in crisis. A vicious cycle.

  • Slash And Burn
    Slash And Burn

    Sow tons of debt, and it's a bumper harvest for the Grim Reaper

  • Suketu Mehta
    Suketu Mehta

    On winning the first Hutch Crossword Book Award for non-fiction for his book Maximum City.

  • Flew Over The Fence
    Flew Over The Fence

    The hush-hush reaction of a few hatcheries may have propelled the spread of bird flu. For the industry, that...

  • Many Happy Returns
    Many Happy Returns

    10K breached, what next for the markets? There's still steam, but caution pays. Updates

  • The Tarmac Is Grey
    The Tarmac Is Grey

    Civil aviation shudders as protests, legal action greet the airport privatisation plan Updates

  • The Slip Is Showing
    The Slip Is Showing

    With a dip in industrial production, the markets are expected to cool off. So, after October's sizzling 9.6...

  • 'We Don't Have Collective Dreams, And Therefore Heroes'
    'We Don't Have Collective Dreams, And Therefore Heroes'

    India's favourite creator of heroes deconstructs heroes and the audiences that fete them and emulate them.

  • Dharamendra

    From actor to Member of Parliament to restaurateur—the metamorphosis goes on

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