June 19, 2021

Samit Basu

  • Dilli Billi
    Dilli Billi

    There's really no end to discovering cities, or cats, both smug in their infinite complexity, both sublimely...

  • Roundtable: A Delhi Fable
    Roundtable: A Delhi Fable

    Once upon a time in the not so distant future, there lives a man named Arkesh 'Jazzy' Arora. Arkesh is a...

  • Spiderman 2
    Spiderman 2

    Intelligent, colourful and vibrant popular cinema, full of action, adventure, romance, drama and humour....

  • 'I Have A Nerdy Past...'
    'I Have A Nerdy Past...'

    The author of Transmission talks about his latest and previous book and on the complexities of identity - on...

  • Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

    It is the best one so far, but there is hardly any Quidditch

  • Enter The Bat Cave
    Enter The Bat Cave

    Bored? Idle? Flipping channels for some late-night ambrosia? The idiot box is the last place you'll find it.

  • ETmail: Can You Read This
    ETmail: Can You Read This

    ET/UFO fanatics get ready for their Vindhyas rendezvous, circa 2009

  • 'None Of The Above'
    'None Of The Above'

    Their disconnect with elections is not always a function of their station in life, but the venality of...

  • BC In 2004 AD
    BC In 2004 AD

    This coming-of-age tale's warmth, clarity and humour more than compensate for the very overdone ABCD theme.

  • Mystic River
    Mystic River

    Not just a well-plotted police drama; it is also a serious examination of troubled relationships between...

  • Comic, Dead Serious
    Comic, Dead Serious

    A novel twist to the world of images. Now in India, as a genre-blurring trend.

  • Wake Up To A Brand New Yawn
    Wake Up To A Brand New Yawn

    This is L.K. Advani's quadrilateral. But backstage on Ranchi's big day, ribaldry rules.

  • Murder

    You just might like it for its own sake, but even if you find yourself neither involved nor titillated, you...

  • Runaway Jury
    Runaway Jury

    The film takes a winning recipe (add star cast to Grisham novel, stick in blender) and presents a...

  • Gothika

    Like Team India on an off day, it entertains, but fails to deliver

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