June 15, 2021

Saikat Datta

  • Under The Microscope, A Stain
    Under The Microscope, A Stain

    In Meerut, the army is putting 51 men and officers through a grinding inquiry

  • The Peacekeeper’s Child
    The Peacekeeper’s Child

    Sexual misconduct by Indian soldiers and officers on UN duty in Congo raises disturbing questions

  • Was There A Choice?
    Was There A Choice?

    Interrogation reports reveal the mind of young Maoist recruits in Chhattisgarh

  • The Walls Have Ears
    The Walls Have Ears

    The proposed Privacy Bill seems skewed towards the state rather than the citizen

  • A Lokpal Of Gloom
    A Lokpal Of Gloom

    Seven meetings and a stalemate. What now for the Lokpal Bill?

  • Thus Spake Hammurabi
    Thus Spake Hammurabi

    As the Lokpal Bill gets mired in a tortuous birthing, the debate shifts to who exactly has the right to pass...

  • Citizen Cane Vs King Canute
    Citizen Cane Vs King Canute

    No one’s buying the government’s desperate arguments to keep the prime minister above Lokpal scrutiny

  • Who Dares Wins
    Who Dares Wins

    Almost 24 years ago, two Indian naval officers were quietly sent off to the United States to attend a...

  • Lessons For India
    Lessons For India

    Time our security establishment learnt from the systemic changes and reform that has been attempted by the US...

  • The People Legislate
    The People Legislate

    Lokpal Bill discussions are sure to see standoffs

  • The Bug’s Musings
    The Bug’s Musings

    The Centre plans a clean-up in tainted intel agency NTRO

  • A Land Of No Return
    A Land Of No Return

    Shourie’s explanations do not hold water in the face of evidence that Outlook has accessed

  • Acrepolis: A Plot Hijacked
    Acrepolis: A Plot Hijacked

    Did Arun Shourie gift the Tatas 773 acres of land which should have been demerged before VSNL’s...

  • Ghosts Who Walk
    Ghosts Who Walk

    Long overdue, a taskforce report on how to reform our intel agencies

  • Unending Tragedies
    Unending Tragedies

    The humiliation of 1962, the Rubaiya Sayeed hostage crisis, the Al Faran kidnapping of foreign tourists, IC...

  • The Swan Song Now
    The Swan Song Now

    The CBI sets out to track the money trail from 2G beneficiaries to Kalaignar TV

  • To Build A Tower Business
    To Build A Tower Business

    An MP’s letter exposes the Tata Realty-Unitech nexus

  • ‘Legally Sound, Rational, Well-Reasoned’
    ‘Legally Sound, Rational, Well-Reasoned’

    The Tata letter praising A. Raja raises more questions

  • The Great Claw of China
    The Great Claw of China

    The confessions of NSCN(IM) leader Anthony Shimray show exactly how China is fuelling India’s northeastern...

  • The Hole In The Heart
    The Hole In The Heart

    The SC pulls up the Centre, Andhra Pradesh on the Azad ‘encounter’ death

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