June 24, 2021

Sadanand Menon

  • One Big Shakedown
    One Big Shakedown

    Tamil cinema is past master at the risque stuff. But arousal? Nah.

  • My Kurta’s Runaway Colours
    My Kurta’s Runaway Colours

    Fabindia, that byword for casual Indian chic, falls for Gallic charm

  • Beatification Of The Erotic
    Beatification Of The Erotic

    This magisterial biography of a great artiste is unsparing on the forces and injustices that shaped...

  • Pandora, Meet Vishnu
    Pandora, Meet Vishnu

    Forget about where the treasure came from. To whom will it be going?

  • Flip That Ciggie
    Flip That Ciggie

    Late nights with the Rajni army

  • Ustad Autoxerox’s Aria
    Ustad Autoxerox’s Aria

    Perhaps it’s apt that Rahman sold the scam-tainted CWG a lemon

  • Cascade Of Silk
    Cascade Of Silk

    Personalities get buried under an avalanche of detail—at times tiresome, at others ingenuous in its...

  • The Invention Of India
    The Invention Of India

    Ravi Varma’s cross-cultural pastiche created an idealised look for both Indians and their gods. Chawla puts...

  • On His Own Electric Pole
    On His Own Electric Pole

    Adoor’s slight of fellow Kerala auteur, the late Aravindan, shocks

  • MS Written By The Lord
    MS Written By The Lord

    A narrative of the sublime relationship the immortal M.S. and Radha Viswanathan shared enamours and educates

  • The Eelam Forecast
    The Eelam Forecast

    The Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora will take the place of the LTTE

  • Jingle-Jangle Morning
    Jingle-Jangle Morning

    Free of cultural colours, Rahman's music rings to global ears

  • Spring, Pink Panthers
    Spring, Pink Panthers

    Great wealth, often built on grievous inequity, needs media scrutiny

  • A River Called Teesta
    A River Called Teesta

  • Dasavathaaram

    This prosthetic torture ... It's like a 'casting couch' gone berserk. Imagine going to sleep with yourself...

  • Cinema Very Verite
    Cinema Very Verite

    Rossellini's seduction-filled Indian summer still bewitches

  • The Systolic Tide
    The Systolic Tide

    'Down' South, the star-fan bond is intense, super-real—and it's sealed with a blood transfusion

  • Can Rajini Rescue
This Book?
    Can Rajini Rescue This Book?

    Capturing the phenomenon that's the Tamil superstar needs narrative and analytical skill. Here, it's myopia.

  • The Good Conductor
    The Good Conductor

  • Hamare Paas...
    Hamare Paas...

    The south's socio-cultural edge over the north has root causes

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