June 19, 2021
Sadanand Dhume

Sadanand Dhume

  • Paved With Good Intentions
    Paved With Good Intentions

    Right to Education ( RTE) may end up doing more harm than good with excessive and harmful regulations

  • A Bringer Of Brimstone
    A Bringer Of Brimstone

    The raised, inflamed Islamism of Maryam Jameelah, and her portrayal of her mentor, Maulana Maududi

  • Pakistan’s Hour Of Choice
    Pakistan’s Hour Of Choice

    Pressured by the US and bloodied by terrorists, Pakistan must choose its destiny. Facing a stark choice, will...

  • A Large Step In The Right Direction
    A Large Step In The Right Direction

    Though the Hazare protest in New Delhi and supportive ones in other cities may not have sparked a revolution,...

  • Terror Cutout
    Terror Cutout

    The best thing you can say about Omair Ahmad’s new novel is that it shows a few glimmers of potential.

  • Battle For Transparency
    Battle For Transparency

    India desperately and urgently needs an independent anti-corruption commission backed with investigative...

  • Manhattan Project
    Manhattan Project

    The Great Ground Zero Mosque Divide: Both conservatives and liberals draw wrong conclusions. The failure to...

  • Stripped Clean
    Stripped Clean

    If quality prose is the measure, then this debut collection of stories, belongs with the best that the...

  • A Gay Gong
    A Gay Gong

    A novel both subtle and arresting, a rare book about the new India that manages to be deeply curious without...

  • Going Down Under
    Going Down Under

    No single factor explains the sudden strain between two liberal democracies that share a common past as...

  • Notes From The Dying
    Notes From The Dying

    The hunter mirrors the hunted, and the state is the fall guy in this book bursting with terror’s marginalia

  • Culture Clash Unveiled
    Culture Clash Unveiled

    Though the French brand of in-your-face secularism may come under criticism by both Muslims and Western...

  • We Are The World
    We Are The World

    In many ways, the immediate significance of the election lies less in what it promises, than in what it...

  • Slumdog Paradox
    Slumdog Paradox

    Indian criticism of the film reveals the chasm between the country's self-perception and projection and any...

  • Two Faces Of Globalisation
    Two Faces Of Globalisation

    If the city of Mumbai symbolizes the hopeful face of globalisation in South Asia – standing for pluralism,...

  • Islamic Challenge
    Islamic Challenge

    Unlike most Muslim-majority nations, Indonesia can draw on the strengths of a non-sectarian constitution, a...

  • The Paradox Of Muslim Weakness
    The Paradox Of Muslim Weakness

    The right equates Islamism with a long line of totalitarian threats to liberal democracy. The left sees the...

  • Rising Religious Supremacism
    Rising Religious Supremacism

    Those seeking a glimmer of optimism amidst the barrage of bad news from the Muslim world often point to...

  • The New Gold Standard
    The New Gold Standard

    The recently concluded Asian Games set some of the Muslim world's troubles in sharp relief, but the recent...

  • Cartoon Jihad
    Cartoon Jihad

    Besides showing the cultural gulf with the West, the affair shows the clout of globalized Islam. But having...

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