June 17, 2021

Ruskin Bond

  • Trysts Under The Deodars
    Trysts Under The Deodars

    A stolidly varied ‘Indian’ background, swirling passions in liberal Mussoorie, his parents’ courtship,...

  • We Asked Them For Stories
    We Asked Them For Stories

    You will, woncha? By mid-October? While the goddess is straw still?.... Oh, but to count the bellows of the...

  • By The Roadside Fire
    By The Roadside Fire

    A youth full of Bronte, Stevenson, the diarists, and warmed by Dickens

  • Won’t Miss The Calls
    Won’t Miss The Calls

    Landline phones, the internet...now mobiles complete the unholy triad

  • Ruskin Bond
    Ruskin Bond

  • Room For Words
    Room For Words

    About the seat of his creation: his writing desk, and the minutiae of a writerly life that clutters it

  • Mussoorie Diary
    Mussoorie Diary

    It did not snow last winter. I have spent forty winters in Mussoorie, and I can recall only one when it did...

  • A Quilt For The Greyhound
    A Quilt For The Greyhound

    The most convincing last words are those spoken without any thought for posterity.

  • Mussoorie Diary
    Mussoorie Diary

    I’m not a great traveller. Airports confuse me, railways stations confound me. I have trouble making out...

  • Mussoorie Diary
    Mussoorie Diary

    “I first saw Mussoorie in 1940, when I was six years old,” I told Gautam, who is twelve. “I didn’t...

  • A Deyra Doon Man-Eater Next To My Pillow
    A Deyra Doon Man-Eater Next To My Pillow

    Jungles bristling with danger—as seen by Nimrods, many from an age before Corbett, and nature-struck...

  • Mussoorie Diary
    Mussoorie Diary

    In spite of the discomforts of a long road journey, I prefer it to other forms of travel... The romance has...

  • Tusker Country
    Tusker Country

    Should be on the shelf besides such classics as J.H. Williams’s Elephant Bill and P.D. Stracey’s Elephant...

  • Mussoorie Diary
    Mussoorie Diary

    Where are the snows of yesteryear? It doesn’t seem to snow quite so often or quite so heavily as in...

  • A Drop Here, A Swig There
    A Drop Here, A Swig There

    Imaginary sips for exquisite wines bleeding into each other. Then, the treacly gladness of a rummy concoction.

  • Mussoorie Diary
    Mussoorie Diary

    Tigers may be on the way out, but leopards are still very much with us, as I know from my own sightings and...

  • Samson And Sid
    Samson And Sid

  • An Old Haunting
    An Old Haunting

    The community emerges from the sidelines of history to revisit, research and revel in its ancestry

  • Wanderlust, Circa AD 1600
    Wanderlust, Circa AD 1600

    The 17th century traveller was no writer, but he's still a quaint, colourful read

  • All Shikaris Get Hunted Down
    All Shikaris Get Hunted Down

    Demystified, Hulson Sahib emerges less of a romantic and more a hunter who feasted on Garhwal's bounty

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