November 28, 2020
Ruma Chakravarti

Ruma Chakravarti

  • Mumbo-Jumbo Cricket
    Mumbo-Jumbo Cricket

    As the final approaches, a look at why cricketers and cricket fans continue to be a superstitious lot.

  • Men In Blue As Well As Green And Gold
    Men In Blue As Well As Green And Gold

    The local media feels the Indians themselves would have selected the Sydney Cricket Grounds to play this...

  • Honesty Box
    Honesty Box

    I had never seen one before coming to Australia. It is a system where farmers leave out produce for sale,...

  • PM Modi of Pollie-wood
    PM Modi of Pollie-wood

    One thing that a wide cross section of Australians are not remotely worried about are the allegations by...

  • Compulsion Helps
    Compulsion Helps

    The Australian experience has been fairly positive since mandatory voting was introduced in 1924. Turnout...

  • Those Smuggled Spices Of Yore
    Those Smuggled Spices Of Yore

    When I first came to Australia, I had to bring kaalo jeere or nigella seeds with me, along with paanch phoran...

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