April 02, 2020

Rohit Pradhan

  • Decoding Nitish Kumar
    Decoding Nitish Kumar

    Unlike Narendra Modi, the Bihar Chief Minister is cut from the old cloth and represents India’s...

  • The Dynast In Denial
    The Dynast In Denial

    Despite Rahul Gandhi’s repeated protestations to the contrary, he is only perpetuating the system he claims...

  • What Makes Modi Unacceptable
    What Makes Modi Unacceptable

    India can survive poor governance for the next few years but what it cannot survive is the further...

  • Block Or Bust
    Block Or Bust

    A response to Sagarika Ghose: We don't need government committees to control the internet. Countering...

  • Can Modi Do An Advani?
    Can Modi Do An Advani?

    Before Narendra Modi, there was L.K. Advani who managed to rise from the debris of the Babri masjid...

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