August 04, 2021

Rohit Mahajan

  • Blitzkrieg At The Net
    Blitzkrieg At The Net

    Possibly the one fault with this book, as with most Indian sports biographies: is this man perfect?

  • The Warreners Of Wastelot
    The Warreners Of Wastelot

    No ordinary kickabout, slum football is a whole new ballgame

  • The Turf Ain’t That Green Anymore
    The Turf Ain’t That Green Anymore

    From its flamboyant debut, star auctions, star owners and sheer spectacle, is IPL now losing drama and draw?

  • Mamatha Poojary
    Mamatha Poojary

    The Indian kabaddi captain on winning the first Women’s World Cup Kabaddi Championship

  • ‘The European Style Wasn’t Working’
    ‘The European Style Wasn’t Working’

    India's Australian coach on how he turned things around

  • Weigh Our Pieces Of Eight
    Weigh Our Pieces Of Eight

    A reversion to older style put the shine back on Indian hockey. Still, it’s far from a revival.

  • Fielding Restrictions
    Fielding Restrictions

    As if to deepen its sufferings, an air of dispute hovers over the Indian team

  • The Underarm Ball
    The Underarm Ball

    The Sahara-BCCI fall-out has a subtext of brazen misuse of power

  • The Next Innings
    The Next Innings

    Yuvraj Singh, World Cup lodestar, struck by cancer. He’ll be back.

  • The Jaipur Festival!
    The Jaipur Festival!

    Rajasthan is making a Ranji win an annual calendar event

  • The Devil Betwixt Bat & Pad
    The Devil Betwixt Bat & Pad

    As India’s Test players drown in money and misery, drastic changes can help them win back pride

  • Bad Light Can Stop Play
    Bad Light Can Stop Play

    A change in aesthetic is poisoning our cricket

  • Beware The Follow-On
    Beware The Follow-On

    The day wanes for our greats. Lesser talents, a faulty system might cramp Indian cricket.

  • At Stumps, Day Five
    At Stumps, Day Five

    A much-idolised journalist. A tortured soul. A sorrowful end. A look at Peter Roebuck.

  • All About Twirlymen
    All About Twirlymen

    Ashwin and Ojha’s star turn gives India a spinning hope. Bhajji’s fate rests on his tenacity.

  • The Flag Is Chequered
    The Flag Is Chequered

    India hosts its F1 race. But is it sport or business that takes the pole position?

  • No Time To Point Fingers
    No Time To Point Fingers

    Three cricketers from Pakistan could go to jail after being found guilty for “conspiracy to cheat” and...

  • The Upper Reaches
    The Upper Reaches

    Hooked by rarefied thrill, affluent youth buy into adventure sports

  • Leaders Tossed
    Leaders Tossed

    This brick of a book, recording the lives and times of Indian cricket captains, that runs into over 700 pages...

  • Make An Upar Cut
    Make An Upar Cut

    Sehwag’s school in rural Haryana opens shakily

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