April 18, 2021

Ravi Shastri

  • Programmed For Success
    Programmed For Success

    The final was a big let down after the West Indies started well. But not for nothing, these Australians have...

  • A Batting Slugfest
    A Batting Slugfest

    From largely a bowlers' script in this Champions Trophy, the final could be a nice deviation.

  • Be Man Enough
    Be Man Enough

    It is foolhardy to push on with your mistakes when accepting them perhaps is the way forward. After all, to...

  • Foolhardiness

    Excessive use of medium-pacers on Indian turfs; an obese, overflowing middle order and the serial quarrel on...

  • Top Notch Performers
    Top Notch Performers

    South Africa termed it a grudge match against Sri Lanka and were as good as their word. The low total didn't...

  • Rise And Shine
    Rise And Shine

    There would now be a flutter in the Indian camp. Australia and the West Indies would not be easy to get past...

  • An Ominous Issue
    An Ominous Issue

    Shoaib needs more than a rap in the knuckles, though I feel sorry for Mohammad Asif for he appears a genuine...

  • Fifteen Till I Die
    Fifteen Till I Die

    Dravid didn't make it, so you know this is a world-beaters' party. It'll take some beating.

  • Enough Of It
    Enough Of It

    It would appear Greg Chappell is calling the shots on the issue of experimentation. It's time Dravid asserts...

  • Hair's Approach Was Flawed
    Hair's Approach Was Flawed

    Going by the book is one thing; looking at the bigger picture and spirit of the game quite another. The big...

  • 'It Will All Come Down To Mental Strength'
    'It Will All Come Down To Mental Strength'

    'When the Indians go there, they will know what it is to be Indian and to play Pakistan in Pakistan'

  • Slow Burn-Out
    Slow Burn-Out

    England's exit is no surprise, but the Calypso's-with Lara, and two all-time bowling greats-ouster is...

  • Full Speed Ahead
    Full Speed Ahead

    The men should be separated from the boys soon, as tactics, strategy and calculated risk-taking move...

  • Unforced Errors
    Unforced Errors

    Azhar's men stick to their reputation abroad by gifting away absolute sitters in a pathetic display of...

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