June 25, 2021

Ranvir Nayar

  • A Warning Bell
    A Warning Bell

    A recently released book in Paris raises concerns about the fate of Christian minorities in India

  • Noblesse Oblige? Non!
    Noblesse Oblige? Non!

    Sacre bleu! A tax on France’s super-rich prompts an exodus from the Fifth Republic

  • A Flagon Of Inegalite
    A Flagon Of Inegalite

    Indian culture, the toast currently in France, is served with Gallic business interests and arrogance

  • The Domineer
    The Domineer

    As skeletons peep out of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s dirty closet, many Frenchmen cry conspiracy

  • From Rock To Chanson
    From Rock To Chanson

    Carla Bruni, soon to visit india, executed a stunning makeover as the French first lady

  • Turban Chaos
    Turban Chaos

    Matters come to a head for the Sikh community in Paris as schools enforce the ban on religious symbols ...

  • French Inquisition
    French Inquisition

    Sikhs protest an impending legislation that will force them to choose between the turban and public schools

  • Ritu Beri
    Ritu Beri

    India’s top designer export on the global fashion scene and her much-talked-about show in Paris, titled...

  • A War Against Eurocrats
    A War Against Eurocrats

    The Gulf conflict isn't just about controlling oilfields. Bush also wants to check the Euro's steady climb...

  • Privy Purses
    Privy Purses

    A rare auction will showcase an array of medieval Indian objets d'art to continental Europe

  • God, Accommodation Wanted
    God, Accommodation Wanted

  • The Politics Of Sloganeering
    The Politics Of Sloganeering

  • Fashionista's Latest Victim
    Fashionista's Latest Victim

    Karzai's Pashtoon chic is a huge hit in the West

  • How To Be A Parsi In Paris
    How To Be A Parsi In Paris

    Survival in exile is an old Parsi credo and the 60-odd families, which comprise the community in Paris,...

  • Sealed With A French Kiss
    Sealed With A French Kiss

    President Narayanan's visit to France indicates that India has a trusted ally in the powerful West

  • Contraband Gas
    Contraband Gas

    The ozone cover thins as the black market in CFC thrives

  • Basking In A Bit Of India
    Basking In A Bit Of India

    A Frenchman who's been in India for 50 years now sets up a museum of Asiatic art back home

  • ISRO Goes Space Selling
    ISRO Goes Space Selling

    An agreement with Arianespace may make the organisation the world's largest commercial launcher

  • Stained By Bad Press
    Stained By Bad Press

    The western media lashes out at the BJP for the attack on Christians. UK leads the way...

  • Gazing At The Crystal King
    Gazing At The Crystal King

    Gope Hathiramani carves out a success story in his crystal business on the Rue de Rivoli

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