June 12, 2021

Rakesh Kalshian

  • Faradays In The Backyard
    Faradays In The Backyard

    A band of unsung, homespun scientists sets mind and technology to devise simple, everyday innovations

  • Water Midsummer Nightmare
    Water Midsummer Nightmare

    The dryness is so stark, it could almost catch fire. Are our cities hurtling towards water riots?

  • Desi By Nature
    Desi By Nature

    KVIC hopes to bring a healthier alternative to the Indian table

  • A Well-Stung Bee
    A Well-Stung Bee

    An Indian prof's invention rewrites the male contraceptive debate

  • Blimps On The Radar
    Blimps On The Radar

    Zeppelins are making a comeback, as alternative air transport

  • Biotech: The Third Wave
    Biotech: The Third Wave

    India is on the threshold of the third technological revolution—after the industrial and the IT booms—as...

  • The Gen(i)e Is Out Again
    The Gen(i)e Is Out Again

    The cultivation of Bt cotton, a genetically modified seed, in Gujarat opens an old can of worms

  • "US Preaches One Thing, Does Another"

    Prof Edward Said talks to Rahul Sagar about the US role in West Asia and the burden a history of suffering...

  • Crescendo Of Rage
    Crescendo Of Rage

    Violence in the Muslim world is as much a creed of social churning as it is of religious inspiration

  • 'There Are Many Different Forms Of Islam...'
    'There Are Many Different Forms Of Islam...'

    ...and multiple interpretive reform traditions within Islam, each inflected by the culture or region in which...

  • 2001, A Space Odissi
    2001, A Space Odissi

    The astrology debate is now sub judice. And the Supreme Court has a canvas full of contentions to adjudicate...

  • News For The Ticker
    News For The Ticker

    Forget aspirin, clopidogrel is the heart patient's new friend

  • Utterances of a Nation
    Utterances of a Nation

    The BJP plans to coopt prevailing Sanskrit scholarship in the service of its revivalist agenda

  • The Angry Earth
    The Angry Earth

    What caused it is a story of many ifs. But it's one more wake-up call.

  • The Copycat Blueprint
    The Copycat Blueprint

    Indian scientists plan to clone the cheetah, last seen in the wild here in 1948, but will they have enough...

  • Rampur: Empire's Flow And Ebb
    Rampur: Empire's Flow And Ebb

    Only serendipity or design can reveal Rampur's true colours.

  • The Third Rock From The Sun
    The Third Rock From The Sun

    That's Earth's future if the North-South divide on the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse emissions is not resolved...

  • The Devil's Laboratory
    The Devil's Laboratory

    Behind the noises of self-aggrandisement lies a story of slow poisoning: idle minds, skewed priorities,...

  • A Misplaced Conception
    A Misplaced Conception

    Women activists denounce injectible as insensitive contraception After the infamous Norplant and Quinacrine...

  • The Fruits Of Complacence
    The Fruits Of Complacence

    This year's disastrous apple crop could but be the first of many

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