August 05, 2021

Rajiv Malhotra

  • Academic Hinduphobia
    Academic Hinduphobia

    The sixth-grade classroom in America has become the battle ground for geo-politically charged fights where...

  • The Cartel's Politics
    The Cartel's Politics

    How institutional ideologies and capital empower the scholars' cartel politically, and how Indian scholars...

  • The Cartel's 'Theories'
    The Cartel's 'Theories'

    Indian postcolonialists (who started with good intentions). are like outsourced coolies who sustain and...

  • The Peer-Review Cartel
    The Peer-Review Cartel

    The nature of the peer-review process is creating a knowledge production cartel that gives the Western...

  • Going Forward
    Going Forward

    Fifth piece in the on-going samvad where Rajiv Malhotra agrees with Vijay Prashad's suggestion to go zara...

  • Is Hindutva The Indian Left's 'Other'?
    Is Hindutva The Indian Left's 'Other'?

    Why does the Left fail to answer questions about its first principles without resorting to the Hindutva...

  • A Dialogue With The Indian Left
    A Dialogue With The Indian Left

    It began with an e-mail sent out to various individuals who define themselves as Indian Leftists requesting a...

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