June 22, 2021

Rajesh Joshi

  • "There Isn't Anywhere To Hide"?

    Arundhati Roy's first interview after she returned the National Award for Best Screenplay which she won in...

  • Cinque Terre Diary
    Cinque Terre Diary

    It’s a hotspot for tourists with attitude, who don’t want the Rome-Venice-Florence rigmarole

  • 'In Free India I Was Denied Entry'
    'In Free India I Was Denied Entry'

    'I have travelled to Iran, Pakistan... I have been to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt but I never faced any problems...

  • 'The Press Decides Which Revolutions To Report'
    'The Press Decides Which Revolutions To Report'

    The celebrated dissenter on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, mass uprisings in the Arab world, the Anna Hazare...

  • The Northern Axis
    The Northern Axis

    As quid pro quo for its assistance, India is looking at Northern Alliance as a bulwark against Pakistan

  • Laden With Risk
    Laden With Risk

    A low-profile organisation comes under the scrutiny of intelligence agencies

  • A Kernel Of Truth
    A Kernel Of Truth

    A web of sheer lies, surrounding systemic neglect, describes the starvation-death scenario in Raigada. And...

  • Twist In A Tryst
    Twist In A Tryst

    What prompted the RSS chief to meet Dr Jagjit Singh Chauhan?

  • Kaleen Baggers
    Kaleen Baggers

    Paid-for sex. It's an integral part of deals struck in Delhi.

  • The Why Of A Murder
    The Why Of A Murder

    One week has yielded many suspects but few solid leads on the motive. Did Phoolan fall to politics, caste or...

  • The End Of Ideology
    The End Of Ideology

    K.N. Govindacharya becomes an invisible recluse and the only trace that can be found of him is in unsavoury...

  • Jatland's The Game
    Jatland's The Game

    Ajit Singh is the BJP's only hope, but Chautala plays the spoiler

  • The Temple Of Doom
    The Temple Of Doom

    The spectre of a crushing defeat haunts the BJP, compelling it to strike desperate alliances

  • Nothing Academic About It
    Nothing Academic About It

    A new home ministry guideline restricting foreign participation in conferences confounds Indian academics

  • A Borderline Case
    A Borderline Case

    Delhi hasn't ratified the Indira-Mujib accord, but nor has Dhaka

  • The Wages Of Dissent
    The Wages Of Dissent

    The swadeshi outfits live on government funding, their 'oppositional' politics notwithstanding

  • Trouble In The Backyard
    Trouble In The Backyard

    It won't admit it but the parivar wants to use the opportunity to regain the whip hand over the BJP

  • Smoke Signals And Gastric Trouble
    Smoke Signals And Gastric Trouble

    The Centre and state are busy passing the buck, even as the public and transporters run out of gas—and...

  • Eager Eagles
    Eager Eagles

    On the backfoot, the PM now has to deal with the Sangh's ambitions

  • The Safety Of Distance
    The Safety Of Distance

    It's red faces in the saffron camp as the RSS decries those involved as 'failed swayamsevaks'

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