July 09, 2020

Rajesh Gajra

  • Lone Sharks
    Lone Sharks

    Banks are finding it hard to lend. Don't people want the goodies?

  • Middle Earth
    Middle Earth

    The middle class, now way beyond old borders, has always sworn by education

  • Issues At Stake
    Issues At Stake

    SEBI's safety net against IPO scams is too full of holes

  • Where To Feign, Where To Parry?
    Where To Feign, Where To Parry?

    What's a heated currency to do? It's a delicate balance - stay strong, rein in inflation or go low and worry...

  • Corus Of Doubt
    Corus Of Doubt

    Tata Steel's zigzag stock creates worries

  • Fast And Furious
    Fast And Furious

    Are hedge funds just hot money? Or do they help in spreading the risk in emerging markets?

  • You See, You Saw
    You See, You Saw

    The scrips are steadying after some wild swings. A mix of factors roc ked them. Here is a scan.

  • A Grain Of Doubt
    A Grain Of Doubt

    By banning futures trade in foodgrains, the government is barking up the wrong tree

  • Roaming Charges
    Roaming Charges

    Vodafone's best bet is value addition, cost cuts. Will it work?

  • Rustlin' Bourses
    Rustlin' Bourses

    The future is now: as global exchanges consolidate, all the world turns into a stockmart

  • 'IITians Are Big Fools'
    'IITians Are Big Fools'

    No, it wasn't a frustrated or failed aspirant but a former IITian who said this last week at a lecture, while...

  • A Price On The Pug
    A Price On The Pug

    Going by the financials of Hutch's Indian entities, the bidders need to exercise caution

  • Bumps Ahoy
    Bumps Ahoy

    With the tax-free status of FIIs under the scanner, many be wary of investing further

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check

    Frenetic FII sales rocked the Sensex. But if BSE's basics are intact, it can only be a... Updates

  • Red Flag Is Green Signal
    Red Flag Is Green Signal

    SEBI acts on the IPO scam — swiftly but selectively. It doesn't want to sedate the bull streak.

  • Specious Edge
    Specious Edge

    The BSE index has crossed the Dow's but that isn't all

  • The Rodeo Finale?
    The Rodeo Finale?

    Whatever goes up must come down. Is it the same case with the Sensex or are there other factors applying the...

  • The Foundation Bears Fruit
    The Foundation Bears Fruit

    It's been a dream run for the Sensex. But it has also raised a number of questions. Some answers.

  • It's Caveat Emptor
    It's Caveat Emptor

    The oldest rule in the book comes into force—especially since the rules are not made clear

  • A No-Good Option
    A No-Good Option

    UTI's escape route too has a hitch — demat accounts or Rs 1 lakh

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