January 28, 2021
Rajeev Dhavan

Rajeev Dhavan

  • Paying Court To Top Arbiters
    Paying Court To Top Arbiters

    A schematic examination of Supreme Court judges, and their rivalries, takes the list till 1989, but ignores...

  • Let The Gavel Fall Softly
    Let The Gavel Fall Softly

    Justice Karnan’s transgressions demanded a stern internal chastening. The Supreme Court’s use of its...

  • Reform Thyself, Learned Judges
    Reform Thyself, Learned Judges

    In a democracy, judges being disciplined by the executive is not an option because it defies the basic...

  • A Shot Of ‘Presidential’ Tyranny
    A Shot Of ‘Presidential’ Tyranny

    If the Centre can function without President’s rule, surely the states too can. So why do we still have...

  • Napoleonic Democracy
    Napoleonic Democracy

    A pre-poll PM candidate hurts the polity, promotes personality cult

  • Cross The Bar
    Cross The Bar

    Accounts like this are not only rare but essential. We need to know this seamy side of the law—first as...

  • Ban, Burn, Destroy
    Ban, Burn, Destroy

    Governance has been abandoned to mob intimidation at the price of free speech. The law — even in its width...

  • Textbooks And Communalism
    Textbooks And Communalism

    Manipulating textbooks for children is unacceptable. India has suffered enough communalism. Leave textbooks...

  • An Imperial Hangover
    An Imperial Hangover

  • Justice And Opacity
    Justice And Opacity

    Congress and the judiciary—a crucial story that remains untold

  • Caught In A Mid-life Crisis
    Caught In A Mid-life Crisis

    Increasingly called upon to intervene in a host of issues, the Supreme Court has become sharply divided as it...

  • Debilitating Enactment
    Debilitating Enactment

    The new privacy law may choke information    

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