November 29, 2020

Raja Sekhar Vundru

  • Join The March For The Riddles
    Join The March For The Riddles

    The vast trove of Ambedkar’s writings is culled for a greater understanding of this intellectual titan

  • Ethical Cleansing Of India
    Ethical Cleansing Of India

    Since Ambedkar’s revolutionary legislations, a series of laws has forced caste society to face up to its...

  • On His Lighted Way
    On His Lighted Way

    Ambedkarite empowerment will emancipate our languishing millions

  • Further Echoes From Babasaheb
    Further Echoes From Babasaheb

    A book that slices Ambedkar’s life for clarity is actually a pastiche of past scholarship and fills up its...

  • The Pitiless Seasons
    The Pitiless Seasons

    Dalit poet Namdeo Dhasal lived and died raging into the night

  • Bound Hand And Foot
    Bound Hand And Foot

    The anti-defection law—in effect, a chain to keep Dalits shackled

  • The Other Father
    The Other Father

    In his intolerance of inequality and creation of a rights-based constitution, Ambedkar’s vision for a...

  • Why Caste Counts
    Why Caste Counts

    Enumeration by caste will provide useful data for policy-making

  • A Distant Source Of Light
    A Distant Source Of Light

    An Indian-American Dalit who gave voice to the oppressed in the diaspora

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