August 04, 2021

Rahul Singh

  • Goa Diary
    Goa Diary

    Journalist and writer Rahul Singh's diary from Goa.

  • Lives Of The Fire-Dwellers
    Lives Of The Fire-Dwellers

    A collective bildungsroman takes in not only the personal journeys of five friends, but also the culture,...

  • Coorg Diary
    Coorg Diary

    They say Coorgis were descendents of Alexander's Great Greek army. Is that true? Find out more about Coorg...

  • The State’s Hand In The Graffiti
    The State’s Hand In The Graffiti

    A book follows the footsteps of Guru Nanak in Pakistan and boldly speaks some bitter truths

  • Slovenia Diary
    Slovenia Diary

    Slovenian beauty Melania Trump is, as far as contemporary conventions go, the best looking first-lady that...

  • Goa Diary
    Goa Diary

    I sense resentment among locals against so many ‘outsiders’ flooding their state and buying ‘second...

  • Lahore Diary
    Lahore Diary

    If there was more people-to-people contact, Indo-Pak ties would surely improve.

  • Charred Stones In Mind
    Charred Stones In Mind

    A vivid story of revelatory homecoming doesn’t flinch from naming the villains of the anti-Sikh riots

  • Just Fill In The Blanks
    Just Fill In The Blanks

    An ear for dialogue, eye for detail, brisk characterisation can’t cover up for a lack of deeply-felt truth...

  • Benares Diary
    Benares Diary

    Which is the dirtiest city in India? The ignoble award goes to our most ancient—some 3,000 years old—and...

  • Holy Smoke And Mirrors
    Holy Smoke And Mirrors

    Exposes or not, godmen will thrive, public figures will kiss their feet

  • Mumbai Diary
    Mumbai Diary

    Prohibition has long since gone in Maharashtra. But incredibly, the ‘permit’ system remains. You need a...

  • Budapest Diary
    Budapest Diary

    I noticed outside a garden, a picture of a dog and “kutya” written alongside it. So there’s at least...

  • Our State
    Our State

    Much of this is familiar ground and most of the writing is pedestrian, though there are flashes of brilliance

  • Bombay Diary
    Bombay Diary

    Has the mafia taken over our financial capital? What’s Marathi for Cabs? Raj Thackeray has got his New...

  • The Spell Breaker
    The Spell Breaker

    A leading Indian sceptic and guru-buster bows out

  • That Public Nightmare
    That Public Nightmare

    A reliving of the 26/11 horror in the words of those who stood witness to it or reported the event

  • Latitude Nowhere
    Latitude Nowhere

  • The Evil Portents
    The Evil Portents

    Who were the heroes? The policemen, the NSG commandos, the army, the firemen and the staff of the two hotels....

  • Cess La Vie
    Cess La Vie

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