August 05, 2021

Raghu Karnad

  • Third Degree Honours
    Third Degree Honours

    Alas, the liberal chic that LSE/SOAS imparts is not Varun's to claim

  • Hydra In The Head
    Hydra In The Head

    Cases of brain cysts, caused by tapeworm, are rising sharply in cities across India

  • Halla Bol
    Halla Bol

    So breathless with righteousness that it ends up not speaking to the audience at all.

  • Sharq Fin Soup
    Sharq Fin Soup

    Jaunpur was once the eastern flank of the Delhi Sultanate

  • In Portia's Court
    In Portia's Court

    She is winning the argument. The courtroom as a traditional male bastion is adjourned.

  • Drew Gilpin Faust
    Drew Gilpin Faust

    The Harvard president on the university's initiative to engage with South Asia

  • Serious Busyness
    Serious Busyness

    To lack any public display of productivity seems a wasted opportunity to pinch the consciences of...

  • K, The Missing Gospel
    K, The Missing Gospel

    A film that explores how Christ spent his 'lost years' in Kashmir

  • Now, Is That Malevolence?
    Now, Is That Malevolence?

    A group of men's right activists claim the feminist agenda has pushed ahead so far that men are now the worst...

  • Enchanted Garden
    Enchanted Garden

    Flickering candle flame and picturesque shadow, burbling fountain and rustling foliage - Magique must be the...

  • Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson

    The US civil rights leader was in Delhi to deliver the Nehru Memorial lecture

  • Tales From Mouse Ward
    Tales From Mouse Ward

    Urban Indians are paying with their health the price of being in computer-intensive jobs

  • 'The Editor? Do We Need The Fellow?'
    'The Editor? Do We Need The Fellow?'

    Three commentators about the many ways in which the print media in India has evolved over the past 12 years.

  • A Thar Spring
    A Thar Spring

    A woman sarpanch rewrites the script in an 'inured' Rajasthan village

  • Ibrahim Helal
    Ibrahim Helal

    Ibrahim Helal is deputy managing director of Al Jazeera English, the Qatar-based news network about to...

  • Potter's Wheel
    Potter's Wheel

    You don't need specs to see it. A boy wizard conjuring up a whole book cult—and how.

  • Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

    It sometimes seems like Yates forgot he was directing a children's film. The movie provoked a few rounds of...

  • Shalini Kantayya
    Shalini Kantayya

    Shalini Kantayya is a filmmaker. She was picked by Steven Spielberg to be a contestant on the reality show On...

  • Die Hard 4.0
    Die Hard 4.0

    The villain taunts a battered and bloodied McClane: "John, you're a timex watch in a digital age." But that...

  • A Bit Of Me, Frozen For Years
    A Bit Of Me, Frozen For Years

    Stem cell banks are sprouting where the cells can be put in the safe deposit. But will it work?

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