May 19, 2021

Pothik Ghosh

  • Big Fish
    Big Fish

    One could forgive Burton for his celebration of the lost-world of the storyteller. But his nostalgia is...

  • Missing The Man
    Missing The Man

    Misses the contradictions, especially between his politics and his poetry. Result: The Odyssey often reads...

  • In Search Of Lost Time
    In Search Of Lost Time

    Metropolitan modernity is on a self-destructive overdrive. And the only way to prevent it from hurtling down...

  • An Alien in Time
    An Alien in Time

    Stirring indictment of souls caught between rustic memories and urban existence

  • The Players of Polemics
    The Players of Polemics

    The Brecht-founded Berliner Ensemble doesn't move with the times. It dissects the times.

  • Passport Check
    Passport Check

    Kumar sets out to dismantle the passport, but with Western tools

  • Reading The Book Of Life
    Reading The Book Of Life

    The rough draft of the human genome prepared by scientists is the Rosetta Stone of life. It will change the...

  • Galileo's Cosmos
    Galileo's Cosmos

    The life and times of Galileo, but not, alas, the big picture

  • Poison Roots
    Poison Roots

    Why is Ahmedabad always on communal tenterhooks? Blame it on industrial decline.

  • Word Power On A Leash
    Word Power On A Leash

    A history trapped in polemic

  • Indoctrination Lessons
    Indoctrination Lessons

    Theology is a veil for ISI activities in eastern Uttar Pradesh

  • From The Transhuman Planet
    From The Transhuman Planet

    Technology will make human beings their own ancestors

  • Achievers Science
    Achievers Science

    In which we exclude the Vikram Sarabhais, Homi Bhabas, Abdul Kalams and the Sam Pitrodas.

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