April 19, 2021
Pervez Hoodbhoy

Pervez Hoodbhoy

  • Why Does Malala Yusufzai’s Nobel Bother So Many On The Left?
    Why Does Malala Yusufzai’s Nobel Bother So Many On The Left?

    Take Arundhati Roy. For one who has championed people's causes everywhere so wonderfully well, her shallow,...

  • Top Five Talking Points
    Top Five Talking Points

    Manmohan Singh has accepted Zardari's invitation to visit Islamabad. But what should the two sides talk...

  • The Funambulist State
    The Funambulist State

    Questions of balance will let Pak generals brazen out Abbottabad

  • A Cat And Mouse Game
    A Cat And Mouse Game

    Osama’s killing is now a bone stuck in the throat of Pakistan’s establishment that can neither be...

  • Peddling Pseudo Science
    Peddling Pseudo Science

    Why are prominent scientists spreading paranoia in Pakistan that the USA may be triggering earthquakes...

  • The Chakwal Miracle
    The Chakwal Miracle

    If India had its Ganesh idols drinking milk way back in 1995, Pakistan recently witnessed the sudden...

  • Why Faisal Shahzad Wanted To Bomb Times Square
    Why Faisal Shahzad Wanted To Bomb Times Square

    When you hold a burning match to a gasoline tank, the laws of chemistry demand combustion. Fed on...

  • The New War Within
    The New War Within

    Dark clouds are gathering over Pakistan's universities, portending a conflict that is likely to be long,...

  • A Question Of Survival
    A Question Of Survival

    The reason for India to want rapprochement with Pakistan, and vice versa, has nothing to do with feelings of...

  • A Sufi Of Physics
    A Sufi Of Physics

    Revolutionary, humanist, and scientist, Faheem Hussain embodied the political and social ferment of the late...

  • India’s Nuclear Fizzle
    India’s Nuclear Fizzle

    Why blow the whistle 11 years later? Think President Obama's initiative to revive the CTBT. By rubbishing the...

  • Reinventing Pakistan
    Reinventing Pakistan

    The long-term defence of Pakistan therefore demands a determined ideological offensive and a decisive break...

  • Whither Pakistan?
    Whither Pakistan?

    First, the bottom line: Pakistan will not break up; there will not be another military coup; the Taliban will...

  • Another Nuclear Anniversary
    Another Nuclear Anniversary

    The Nukes haven't helped Pakistan on Kashmir, argues the peace activist from Pakistan, though they did...

  • How Greed Ruins Academia
    How Greed Ruins Academia

    Pakistan's university system is breaking down, perhaps irreparably so. A tidal wave of money hit public...

  • Science And The Islamic World
    Science And The Islamic World

    With well over a billion Muslims and extensive material resources, why is the Islamic world disengaged from...

  • Terror In Okara
    Terror In Okara

    'We cannot plausibly demand that India end the military occupation of Kashmir while employing similar brutal...

  • Long Term Solutions For Peace
    Long Term Solutions For Peace

    A deal would need to be worked out by all three parties - Kashmiris, Pakistanis and Indians - but it would be...

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