January 18, 2021
Patrick French

Patrick French

  • Mahatma’s White Period
    Mahatma’s White Period

    He genuflected before the empire and regarded ‘Kaffirs’ with open racism. Meet Mohandas Gandhi in South...

  • One Leg In A Gunny Sack
    One Leg In A Gunny Sack

    One tastes the entrails of a seething Mumbai slum in this vivid, visceral account

  • Cameron’s Cuz Is More The Curzon
    Cameron’s Cuz Is More The Curzon

    Pankaj Mishra’s was more an ideological cry of pain than any honest appraisal of my book, says Patrick...

  • The Princely State Of India
    The Princely State Of India

    Analyse Parliament, and a disturbing fact emerges: India is going back to monarchy

  • League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    An often nostalgic Guha progresses from the ‘loyal’ opposition of the early makers, radicalism of the...

  • Reading The Reader
    Reading The Reader

    There will always be a market for analysis. But will marketers see that in the inkblot?

  • The India Gene Code
    The India Gene Code

    India’s many failings are obvious enough. But most of its considerable achievements spring from the exalted...

  • Naipaul And India
    Naipaul And India

    How the area of darkness became a wounded civilisation where, eventually, were found a million mutinies

  • A Million Mutinies Within
    A Million Mutinies Within

    No hagiography: 'He believed that a less than candid biography would be pointless, and his willingness to...

  • Naipaul And His Three Women
    Naipaul And His Three Women

    'I knew Pat was dying and Margaret was finished.... It was not that I was trying to displace a dying woman...

  • I Hereby Attest Thee... Man And Wife
    I Hereby Attest Thee... Man And Wife

    So we were married, followed by laddoos and the instruction: You may now cross-feed

  • The Bogeymen
    The Bogeymen

    Since 1947, Jinnah has been cast as little more than a malevolent bogeyman who was determined to destroy the...

  • My Friend, Ngodup
    My Friend, Ngodup

    Patrick French remembers the man who brought Tibet back into international headlines

  • Two Men From Gujarat
    Two Men From Gujarat

    In 'Liberty or Death', acclaimed by the likes of Philip Ziegler, brilliant, young historian Patrick French...

  • The Forgotten Womb
    The Forgotten Womb

    Just half-a-century later, a collective amnesia reigns over the subcontinent

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