June 24, 2021

Pat Symcox

  • Saurav's Faster 'Un
    Saurav's Faster 'Un

    Senior players always need to be isolated when the captain himself is weak. Perhaps why Ganguly is backing...

  • The Skipper's Hungry Lambs
    The Skipper's Hungry Lambs

    Ganguly must be careful about his body language, and stop changing the field after almost every delivery. It...

  • Even Stevens
    Even Stevens

    Remember the walloping the WI got from Sri Lanka and Pakistan? India is lucky that politics does not allow...

  • Time For A Shakeup
    Time For A Shakeup

    Let's all be brutally honest, if Ganguly wasn't captain, he would not even make the team.

  • Much Ado About Nothing?
    Much Ado About Nothing?

    If the indaba (meeting) is about cricket and issues that have come to the fore lately, the absence of key...

  • Too Many Cooks
    Too Many Cooks

    The present SA selection panel lacks the credibility to prepare for World Cup 2003.

  • Take Lessons From The Past
    Take Lessons From The Past

    The current crop need to learn from past successful South African teams, who built their game around a core...

  • Crediblity A Must For Success
    Crediblity A Must For Success

    It has become apparent that the South African selectors have, at times, not adhered to the critical success...

  • Victims Of Imagination
    Victims Of Imagination

    In the minds of many, the Proteas were going to do battle on an even footing and even beat Australia. They...

  • Time For Introspection
    Time For Introspection

    It is hoped that the selectors and administrators are in touch with the realities as well as the...

  • Containment Need Of The Hour
    Containment Need Of The Hour

    Ford and Boucher need to make it clear that run-scoring is central to the Aussie game plan and that this can...

  • Do-Or-Die Saga For SA
    Do-Or-Die Saga For SA

    A loss at Newlands would mean passing up the opportunity of playing for the number one title in Durban.

  • Where To From Here?
    Where To From Here?

    The pendulum has swung continuously for some time now and it looks to have settled in an area that only...

  • 'Waugh Will Bounce Back'
    'Waugh Will Bounce Back'

    As has been his style for a long time, Steve Waugh will find a way to galvanise his men. But the fact that...

  • Fear Is The Key
    Fear Is The Key

    Where is South Africa as a cricket nation? So far it doesn't look good – but let's keep faith and will the...

  • Pompoms For Dalmiya
    Pompoms For Dalmiya

    Touring India is tough enough for veterans, let alone for boys who are still finding their way to county...

  • The Price Of Survival
    The Price Of Survival

    India's tactical thinking turned to naught. There was little attention to detail and the reading of the match...

  • Shame On You, Mr Denness
    Shame On You, Mr Denness

    For too long now, the ICC has had an old school of people out of touch with the game, who justify themselves...

  • C'mon Saurav, Prove It
    C'mon Saurav, Prove It

    It's time Indians realised that Test cricket is all about piling up runs by occupying the crease longer...

  • The Crackers Don't Burst
    The Crackers Don't Burst

    Unless India seek outside help, demons of the mind won't go away so easy. Port Elizabeth too has excessive...

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