June 23, 2021

Omkar Goswami

  • Lead Beacons Atop The Temple
    Lead Beacons Atop The Temple

    If there have been ten outstanding CEOs who lent a special shine to corporate India, here is my take. Each an...

  • League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    The last decade has seen a great entrepreneurial churn and the number of new businesses striding to the top...

  • When The Eyes Locked In
    When The Eyes Locked In

    I'll never forget Dhirubhai's parallel processing mind and the eyes that took in everything

  • Parsley On The Fish
    Parsley On The Fish

    Majority of outside directors on boards of Indian companies are mere rubber stamps.

  • The Mili-Juli Myth
    The Mili-Juli Myth

    Multi-party coalitions cannot last. Seven sour experiments are enough to trash the concept to the dustbin.

  • Another Indian Holy Cow
    Another Indian Holy Cow

    Our bankruptcy laws and procedures protect inefficient companies at the expense of workers and secured...

  • The Time Machine
    The Time Machine

    We need a machine to take these worthies to the time they truly belong, with the dinosaurs.

  • Are We Missing The Bus?
    Are We Missing The Bus?

    No point offering a trip to the moon when the fuel tank is empty. It's better to be realistic.

  • Why Davos Beckons
    Why Davos Beckons

    It would be penny wise, pound foolish for Vajpayee to ignore Davos just so as to set a cost-cutting example.

  • US-64: Time To Mature
    US-64: Time To Mature

    US-64's governance problems may be serious, but not enough for small investors to pull out.

  • Only Trickle-Down Won't Do
    Only Trickle-Down Won't Do

    No country has achieved a long term growth of 7 per cent or more with widespread illiteracy

  • When Medicine-Men Failed
    When Medicine-Men Failed

    Nobody really knows what medicine will work for East Asia. What we do know is that traditional prescriptions...

  • Egg On Our Faces
    Egg On Our Faces

    Bizarre nation this. Cigarettes aren't infrastructure. So, our government allows 100 per cent foreign direct...

  • New Conscripts For Two Generals
    New Conscripts For Two Generals

    Montek wanted to think and write. Now he can wield the pen. N.K. Singh isn't much of a writer, and he will...

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