January 21, 2021

Omar Barghouti

  • If Not Now, Then When?
    If Not Now, Then When?

    The recently broadcast NBC footage taken by an American journalist embedded with a Marines unit attacking...

  • No More Tears
    No More Tears

    "Whatever you ask, please do not ask why we "hate" you. Putting aside the simplistic and dichotomic nature of...

  • Beyond Death
    Beyond Death

    He is (past tense can only be used with those of much humbler legacies) beyond in the expansive reach of his...

  • The Cacophonix Quartet
    The Cacophonix Quartet

    There's the US (playing the drum, and acting-maestro), the EU (playing the violin), Russia (trying to play...

  • The Other Media War
    The Other Media War

    While many media analysts are painstakingly discussing the PR war between Washington and Baghdad, few have...

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