June 10, 2021

Omar Ali

  • The 12th Man Rises?
    The 12th Man Rises?

    The Facebook generation and the deep state may both be ready to opt for Imran Khan. And Imran Khan, it seems,...

  • The Narratives Come Home To Roost
    The Narratives Come Home To Roost

    Most Pakistanis probably believe that 9/11 was an “inside job” and Mumbai 26/11was staged by some...

  • 'A Thousand-Year Writer's Block'
    'A Thousand-Year Writer's Block'

    That's what had hit Islam, William Burroughs famously remarked. Was he just being provocative? Or is this...

  • More Or Less?
    More Or Less?

    The notion that we are being unfairly asked to “do more” by the US and that things would be fine if that...

  • Imagine

    A happy speculation on what the shape of a different Pakistan could be if it manages to pull back from the...

  • Manufacturing Martial Law?
    Manufacturing Martial Law?

    We Pakistanis have a finely developed sense of conspiracy, so when we see the army's usual supporters out in...

  • Blowback In Lahore
    Blowback In Lahore

    The attacks on Ahmedi mosques that killed over 80 people once again underline that such terrorism is...

  • The Lunatics Took Over the Asylum
    The Lunatics Took Over the Asylum

    What explains the Air Marshal's incompetent bomb-maker son? Why does Pakistan seem to have an endless supply...

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