January 24, 2020

Omair Ahmad

  • Shards Of A Broken Dream
    Shards Of A Broken Dream

    Once repression and injustice drove ­Muslims ­towards the State. This couldn’t last, of course, with the...

  • M.K., The Spring
    M.K., The Spring Collection

    A Gandhi memorabilia auction meets official torpor, private concern

  • Bibi No. 2: Double Impunity
    Bibi No. 2: Double Impunity

    Bigamy in the name of Muslim Personal Law can be challenged in court. But who complains?

  • Dream Home Run
    Dream Home Run

    Javelin to baseball, two rustic UPites hit major league

  • 'India Is The Impotence Capital Of The World'
    'India Is The Impotence Capital Of The World'

    On the most common sexual problems, the changing nature of Indian sexuality, and his new book

  • 'A Welter Of Images And Thoughts And Questions'
    'A Welter Of Images And Thoughts And Questions'

    The author of Sacred Games talks about his sense of both shock and déjà vu as he witnessed the terrorist...

  • Cherie Blair
    Cherie Blair

    The wife of the former British prime minister on her memoir Speaking for Myself

  • Beware, A Storm Is Brewing
    Beware, A Storm Is Brewing

    Gadget freaks, rejoice! There's plenty to rid you of itchy fingers...

  • 1960: Goa
    1960: Goa

    India had imposed an embargo on the province, and even torn up rail tracks

  • 1960: Broadcasting
    1960: Broadcasting

    Those were radio days.

  • 1960: Sports
    1960: Sports

    In the 1960 Rome Olympics, most of the spectators had never seen a Sikh before

  • 1960: China
    1960: China

    ...issue slowly overwhelmed everything else

  • 1960: Trends
    1960: Trends

    ...the time when austerity was coming to an end

  • 1960: Business
    1960: Business

    ...the instrument for progress was the PSU

  • 1960: Politics
    1960: Politics

    The big question at that time was, "After Nehru, who?"

  • 1960: Art
    1960: Art

    ...painting was genteel, and not meant to hurt; it was a part of being 'cultured'

  • 1960:Dalit Politics
    1960:Dalit Politics

    ... was very young, divided and orphaned

  • 1960: Pakistan
    1960: Pakistan

    The Indus Water Treaty was the last piece in the long divorce between India and Pakistan

  • Young And Restless
    Young And Restless

    Was the past another country? Or were the portents of India 2008 already visible when the country turned 13,...

  • 1960: Samyukta Maharashtra
    1960: Samyukta Maharashtra

    ...movement to create a Marathi language state with Mumbai as its capital was at its height

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