August 05, 2021

Nitin A. Gokhale

  • Cordon Control
    Cordon Control

    NSA Doval is being attacked for not being status-quoist

  • Patton Wreckers’ Day
    Patton Wreckers’ Day

    Pakistan had the better tanks, but not the skill to man them well

  • To Plug The Gap In The Sky
    To Plug The Gap In The Sky

    Manohar Parrikar has demonstrated a rare decisiveness in the defence ministry.

  • 1,000 Words A Day
    1,000 Words A Day

    As a journalist, he was prolific; as a mentor, he was generous.

  • ‘TSD Is About Human Intelligence’
    ‘TSD Is About Human Intelligence’

    In early September, the former army chief spoke to NDTV, addressing questions on the TSD.

  • The Wages Of Peace
    The Wages Of Peace

    Kargil was actually about Siachen. India must remember that.

  • At Act’s End
    At Act’s End

    In the theatre of war, State neglect threatens to rub salt into sore wounds

  • We Are All Xenophobes
    We Are All Xenophobes

    The Northeast must not internalise victimhood even as it fights racism

  • Borderliners

    Shades of pacifism and fatigue on a canvas of violence

  • Hallelujah, Nathula!
    Hallelujah, Nathula!

    The border trade point between India and China reopens soon, and the bonhomie at this border between troops...

  • Tick-Tock Of Doom
    Tick-Tock Of Doom

    Radioactive spectres haunt Andhra as Nagarjuna Sagar awaits a uranium mine nearby

  • No New Taxes, Bro
    No New Taxes, Bro

    Tired of paying arbitrary 'tax' to extortionist ultras, the Naga public gives them a taste of their own...

  • One Border One Force?
    One Border One Force?

    Troops to Iraq may have been in headlines, but other changes are afoot - Assam Rifles is poised to take over...

  • Labour Pains
    Labour Pains

    Competition, rising costs, stagnant productivity, falling domestic consumption ...and now labour trouble. The...

  • The Drifters
    The Drifters

    They're not on terra firma. But life in these phumdis is coming to a standstill.

  • The Courtyard Of Earthly Justice
    The Courtyard Of Earthly Justice

    The search for that elusive bird of fairness has often led Manipuris to the doorstep of Yambem Laba

  • A Death ... And A Fast-Unto-Death
    A Death ... And A Fast-Unto-Death

    The police have been 'force-feeding' a young Manipur girl in custody since November 2000 who refuses to eat...

  • All Not Quiet On The Eastern Front
    All Not Quiet On The Eastern Front

    New Delhi will have to shed its reluctance in displeasing its apparently 'friendly' eastern neighbours and...

  • Innocence For The Insensate
    Innocence For The Insensate

    Assam police and the kids in the state now have reasons to view each other in a more benign light

  • Living It Up In Northeast
    Living It Up In Northeast

    If you thought the Northeast is full of primitive tribals in their traditional dresses, you need a reality...

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