June 13, 2021

Nirupama Kotru

  • The Evanescent Poet
    The Evanescent Poet

    A selection of Sahir Ludhianvi's many moods; the man whose poetry is still considered the gold standard for...

  • Long Road To Maturity
    Long Road To Maturity

    Time to applaud the courageous Indian film makers who have treated the subject of homosexuality with maturity

  • Idealism, Professional Ethics And Corruption In Hindi Films
    Idealism, Professional Ethics And Corruption In Hindi Films

    A look at five unique films through the decades, representative of the changing social values and the despair...

  • Faith On My plate
    Faith On My plate

    Films originating from Mumbai show remarkable maturity and restraint while dealing with the tricky maxim "I...

  • Dancing Divas
    Dancing Divas

    A look at some of the amazingly gifted performers, who were called upon to perform the customary cabaret,...

  • Serving Justice On Screen
    Serving Justice On Screen

    A listing of 12 top Hindi films on the theme of law and justice.

  • Rimjhim Kay Taraane
    Rimjhim Kay Taraane

    Thirteen Hindi songs to celebrate the rains...

  • One For The Road
    One For The Road

    Fifteen songs from Hindi films to hum along on a journey.

  • Laal Salaam On Screen
    Laal Salaam On Screen

    On Labour Day, a listing of ten top Hindi films on class struggle, workers’ rights and unions.

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